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This Weeks Cinema Releases

Rise of the Planet of the Apes
A new Hollywood reboot of the much loved saga allows us to discover the origins of the revolution. The same visual effects team that brought us the 2009 blockbuster Avatar have been successful in giving us a further emotional and understanding layer to the instalment by creating realistic CGI apes. In present day San Francisco, genetic engineering experimentation has resulted in apes with human level intelligence, erupting in a war between humans and apes for supremacy.
Verdict: 4/5
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Cowboys and Aliens
Western meets sci-fi in the latest from the Iron Man director. It’s 1873 and Daniel Craig wakes up in the desert with no recollection of how he got there and who he is. Although, when a shackle attached to his wrist turns out to be the only way in destroying an alien invasion, he has no choice but to help track down disappearing villagers while on the way beginning to unravel pieces of his past.
Verdict: 3/5
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Super 8
J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg have teamed up to do what they do best: create a mysterious family sci-fi adventure. A group of pre-teen friends living in Ohio in1979 are in the middle of filming an amateur super 8 zombie film when they witness a chaotic train crash. But they discover that what happened was no accident as afterwards unexplainable disturbances begin to occur throughout the town, which could ultimately change our thoughts on the universe as we know it.
Verdict: 4/5
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Spy Kids: All the Time in the World
Film effects are reaching unstoppable heights these days with the fourth instalment of the much loved kids saga now making it even possible to smell the action with the latest 4D technology. Jessica Alba is a retired spy who is forced to jump right back into agent life when the evil Timekeeper plans to take over the world. Her two step kids and a talking Ricky Gervais dog are too along for the ride. Also the original Cortez spy kids help in stopping the maniac mastermind from world domination.
Verdict: 2/5
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Mr. Popper’s Penguins
Jim Carrey finds himself the parent of six penguins when they unsuspectingly show up on his doorstep at his glitzy home in New York. Since he is a successful business man he plans to give them away to a local zoo and focus on his career. But when his children meet and fall in love with the birds he decides to keep them, turning his home into a winter wonderland. The new additions to the family act as a blessing in disguise; unravelling what really is important in his life.
Verdict: 3/5
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The Smurfs
The perfect world of the wee blue creatures is dramatically destroyed in their first 3D adventure on the big screen. When the evil wizard, Gargamel chases a group of Smurfs through a portal, they leave their village and come pouring into the chaos of Central Park, New York. They must find a way back home before Gargamel tracks them down.
Verdict: 2/5
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The Inbetweeners
The four English lads say goodbye in style with their first and last movie. When the boys decide to celebrate the end of their A levels by going on a holiday to Malia, all means of suburban life is gone as they stampede into delirious drunken antics, which are inevitable for today’s young Brits abroad.
Verdict: 3/5
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About Danielle Shields

Danielle Shields is an English and Journalism undergrad at Stirling University, Scotland. Her obsession with everything to do with pop culture means that it is her ambition to become an arts and culture journalist. In an ideal world her days would be spent on trips to Cannes, trips to Hays and trips to Glastonbury. Until then she remains content by nesting at her home in Cineworld, losing herself in the library and being utterly squished at the SECC.


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