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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 2, Episode 12: Over My Dead Body

The mid-season finale of Pretty Little Liars was filled with chilling none stop action and to many Oh My God moments to keep us entertained until the series returns with a special episode in October. The four girls took on heartbreaking challenges set by A to “try” and save Dr. Sullivan’s life! Also, Allison visited Emily and it’s now almost set in stone who the cunning teenagers killer, or killers, are.

Over My Dead Body was told over a series of flashbacks, counting down the time until the first scene, where we see Aria, Spence and Hanna sitting in a police room, slightly roughed up with dirt covering the majority of their arms. Have they been digging? Where is Em? The camera zooms out to show Garrett talking to a mysterious police officer behind the glass. Jenna’s secret lover insists that the girls have not spoke since when they first arrived and they now have the evidence to put them into jail. At this the other male walks into the room, humorously asking the girls if they missed him and we discover it is Detective Wilden, telling the girls that they are going down for homicide! Cue dramatic music!

Rewind back twelve hours and the four teenagers arrive at Dr. Sullivan’s home. Spence rings the doorbell but there is no answer and so Em calls their therapist, however it goes straight to voice-mail with the message saying she has been called away on a “family emergency”. Aria also says that she received the same message and Spence confirms that it must have been sent to all her clients. It’s clear she didn’t come home the night before as two Rosewood Observer’s are lying outside her front door. Em thinks that they should call the police, but this idea is knocked down in flames by the rest of the group as they cannot trust Gavin as he is connected with Jenna, Ian and Jason. When Em asks what they should do, Spence amusingly says: “We should go on terror red alert and hope our phones don’t ring,” and if by magic Emily’s mobile starts bleeping, but there is no A on the other line (unless Maya turns out to be A, that is).

Em is still living at Hanna’s and the two of them are up in Hanna’s bedroom with Maya. After basically being told that Maya and Emily are on a date, Hanna embarrassingly leaves the room and the two romantics are left alone. Sadly for Em it seems as though Maya wants to stay friends for the moment, just to see if she likes the more confident Em and in turn if Em still likes Maya. Although, a more intimate relationship is defiantly on the cards as when Em forgives Maya for not being the one to finally call, they cutely hold hands.

Spence is at home with Toby and he comes off the phone and whines to Spence about the problems he had with the brakes of his truck, i.e. his “baby”. Could A have been tampering with it? Toby sweetly asks what their baby would look like and Spence replies, “a newborn with a six pack.” The couple are getting more intimate when Toby notices Jason taking down newspapers that were plastered over Alison’s bedroom window. When Jason sees them looking in, Spence closes the curtains and Toby asks why her father was over at Jason’s place the other night. His girlfriend says she doesn’t know, obviously lying as we know Mr Hastings told her that Jason was taken out of his grandmas will and he was putting him back in it again, so he didn’t seem like a prime suspect. When Toby tries to squeeze out more information, Spence goes all defensive on him. Although she does say sorry in the end and that her dad told her to not meddle in his business, and when it comes to her dad; she does what she’s told (liar!).

The doorbell rings and Hanna rushes to the door, no surprise on who it’s going to be, Caleb! Hanna talks about the tragedy of being sick all over Isabel’s wedding dress, and it is revealed the special event is taking place that night and she’s scared that her dress is going to give her back fat (yes, that piece of info doesn’t seem important now, but later on it’s highly necessary!).

Ezra is lying down on a sofa reading in his office when Aria’s competition for his heart, Jacqui, enters the room, bringing him “coffee”. She is less than subtle about her feelings when she admits how easy it was to fall in love with him when reading his poems! To make matters worse, Aria is listening to everything outside as she was also bringing coffee to Ezra when she noticed the pair talking. Thankfully for Aria, Ezra does confess that he is seeing someone. But Jacqui then has the cheek to ask if their relationship status would be different if he was single! But, eventually Ezra is able to set the record straight that he is uninterested in her. Aria darts away when her phone begins to ring, and OMG it’s a shocking message from A saying that Dr. Sullivan is still alive, with a picture attached to the message of the therapist holding the Rosewood Observer for evidence!

The clock is ticking down with there being ten hours until the police confrontation. All the girls are at Spencer’s where she has somehow ended up with a huge box in her kitchen, reading: “Open Or She Dies” on the top in bold red. They do open it to find a peculiar note, with the letters being clippings out of various magazines, telling them that they have until 7.PM to rescue Dr. Sullivan and to do this they need to follow A’s commands. They rip off a piece of silver cloth in the box to reveal three scary looking plastic dolls (remember: Allison had a similar looking doll in the small box that Jason gave to Aria). The dolls have silver necklaces with names of our protagonists on each of them. Aria takes her one and pulls the string at the back which unleashes a high pitched, “make Jacqui go away.” Jacqui’s paper on on the artist,Theodore Gericault, turns out to be identical to another article in the box which is written in French and Spence putting two and two together realising that Jacqui had plagiarised the paper. Hanna is the next to hear her mission and this one seems exceedingly hard, to “stop the wedding”. Spence is told that she has to “keep Toby safe”. What danger can he be in? Prey that nothing bad happens to Toby by the end of this episode! Spence realises that the reason Toby’s brakes went out was because of A. Em is the only one without a doll, but Hanna believes that A might be bored messing around with her life. As the girls discuss how A is able to kill someone without a second thought, i.e. Ian, Spence tells the group that she has to stay away from Toby in order to keep him safe.

The trio are back in the police investigations room in custody, notably wearing their (now wreaked) wedding outfits and Aria asks to make her one call. Officer Garrett gives Allison’s file to the Sergeant and tells him that there is not a page five in the booklet, or on the records online. Garrett reveals that page 5 held “an analysis of the trace evidence found on the victims body.” Without this page it means that, “every record of physical evidence of Allison is gone.” As Aria takes her call, with Garrett eavesdropping, she cries and admits to the person on the other line that she made a mistake and needs him/her. It has got to be Ezra on the phone as things must have gone bad with making Jacqui disappear.

We’re now six hours earlier and Aria is in Jacqui’s office, handing her over the two articles that she received from A. Jacqui is clearly shocked and asks: “Who else knows about this? Just Ezra?” Aria shakes her head, although it is most unlikely that Ezra knows about this. But instead of explaining, Aria tells Jacqui that she will have to leave Hollis or if not, she will hand in the papers and Jacqui will be fired. Afterwards Aria receives a call from Ezra, but she declines. One mission complete.

Em and Hanna are getting prepared for the wedding, now five hours before throwdown, and Hanna doesn’t want to mess up her dad’s wedding as she knows he will leave her again. Surprisingly, Tom is at the door and Em leaves so they can have their privacy. They share a dad-to-daughter moment about how Hanna believes he is still in love with her mum, but her dad insisted that he does enjoy being with Isabel and he is now ready to commit to her. One mission aborted.

Toby and Spence are sitting in his truck and Spence admits that she lied to him about her dad. He seems confused that she would lie to him, after everything they had been through, but she harshly declares that there are some things which she will never be able to tell him. Toby asks if she trusts him to which Spence dashes out of the car, saying that he needs someone who is honest and she is sorry. She is left in tears and her unhappiness is witnessed by Wren. Second mission completed. “A” sure knows how to torture the four girls relationships, and it seems that is her plan for today.

Aria finds out from her mum that Mike’s session with the therapist has went well as he was very open. Although, Ella Montgomery admits she is sorry that Aria had to lie about how Mike had physically hurt her, saying that sometimes you think lying can be good, but then you get it wrong. This is obviously not news to Aria. When she goes downstairs to answer the door, it turns out to be Jacqui saying she is not leaving Hollis, but demanding Aria to leave Ezra! If she doesn’t then Jacqui will tell the town about Ezra dating a former student. Jacqui understands that this might mean Ezra getting the sack, but she has no choice. Tough love.

Em is driving her car to the wedding reception when her Sat Nav tells her to go right, although the wedding is staring her right in the face to the left! Turning around she sees her doll sitting in the back-seat of her car. The message reveals that the Sat Nav will direct her to Dr. Sullivan, but she must go alone.

At the police office, the Sergeant is giving a press statement that it was an anonymous tip which led the cops to the suspects, i.e. our girls. In the room, the camera focuses on Spence and then her reflection in the mirror where Detective Wilden is standing, watching on the other-side.

It’s four hours earlier and Wren is at Spencer’s house, having giving the weeping teenager a ride home. The two are getting on very well and Wren kisses her (poor Toby!), although, to make matters worse; Spence doesn’t seem to be extremely angry or worried about it.

Aria and Spence are at the wedding and are exceedingly worried that Em has not yet arrived. Caleb and Hanna are standing watching her dad and wife-to-be when Kate comes along bringing with her her snide remarks. Hanna’s phone starts to ring so she has to leave. With them both alone, Kate tries to flirt with Caleb and he pleasurably edges her along before saying that her dress gives her back fat. Go Caleb! It’s a text that Hanna received, from A, saying that Dr. Sullivan will run out of air soon if Hanna doesn’t stop the wedding.

It’s the middle of the reception and Hanna is distressed about Em and Dr. Sullivan, she needs to stop the wedding quick so she speaks out in front of everyone, stopping the ceremony and asks if she can privately speak to Isabel for a moment. Quite frankly everyone is shocked, and no wonder, the women is about to get married! Despite the circumstances the two move into another room and Hanna confesses that when Tom came to Rosewood he and her mum slept together. Final mission complete. Now Hanna is stuck with the burden that has she wreaked her fathers wedding and he will probably hate her for a long time. She receives a message from A: “457 Grover Rd.”

Em arrives at a barn and opens the door to unveil Dr. Sullivan’s black car. Although, she is unable to get inside the car, and when she tries, the barn door closes stiff behind her, and the camera continues referring back to the running exhaust pipe of the car.

Cut back to the police department and we see Toby, dressed all in purple, being held back by two police officers as he shouts to Spence that he loves her, but she disappointingly walks away.

Three hours earlier and Em is out for the count in the barn, the carbon monoxide in the air is on the verge of killing her. But luckily someone picks up the unconscious girl, dragging her body across the hard floor. Em opens her eyes to see beautiful tress, warm blue skies and… Alison! Em is lying on her knees while her old friend looks down at her, telling her she needs rest and that she was always her favourite friend. Is Em dead? Or is she dreaming? Em asks: “Is this what dying is?” To which Allison replies: “That bitch thinks this is what you really want: to be completely free of A.” When Em asks Allison if she knows who A is, she tells her she does, but it wouldn’t be good for her to tell Em who it is because “two can only keep a secret if one of them is dead”. The song title subconsciously melts into your ears ( I always knew that strange lyric would crop up in the series, eventually!). Allison gives her a choice: she can either stay there, or go with her. Em closes her eyes and Allison kisses her. When she wakes, Aria, Spence and Hanna are all crouched around her. The girls ask Em what happened, to which she replies that she is still alive, the trio presume she means Dr. Sullivan, but Em admits she means Ali.

Back in the police cage and Em has returned from the doctors where she gained some oxygen and admits to the others that she hasn’t told anyone a thing. Spencer’s parents are wanting to speak to their daughter, but the police officer is having none of it. Jason comes into the room and Spencer’s dad, Peter, says that he has to leave, but Jason disagrees and says that his sister would want him there. Mr Hastings whispers that he has done stuff to protect him that he doesn’t know about. Jason retaliates and says his mum told him about the will and admits that he didn’t kill Ali. Garrett is eavesdropping once again as Mr Hastings widens the mystery of the two males relationship saying that he came over to help Jason last night, and Jason also reveal there was a reason to why he wanted to buy their old family home. But, of course, we don’t find out what! Also, he states that Allison “was good at keeping secrets, but she was also great at punishing people with the truth.” Jason asks if Veronica Hastings knows (we are not told on what it is she she does or doesn’t know), to which Peter says no. Garrett has heard all of this and he is in the middle of writing a note when a figure deems over him, and his fear is only proven by him saying, “You shouldn’t be here.” Could it be A? Or Jenna?

Two hours previous and we’re outside the barn and Spence thinks Emily is delusional, that she must have got out of the barn herself. But there is no time to argue when Em spies a shovel lying against the barn which wasn’t there when she first entered. There is a typed note on the shovel, which does not contain the distinctive -A, saying: “You’ll need this”, with coordinates printed underneath. Hanna confesses that she received a text from A at the wedding with the news that Dr. Sullivan will almost be out of air. Does this mean A has buried her alive, just like how Allison reached her fate?

They arrive at the correct coordinates and see a breathing object (like a big straw) poking out from under the ground. Hanna gains a text and tells the girls that Dr. Sullivan is still alive and so they need to star digging. They scrape ferociously at the ground and find her boots in the mud, as they dig where her head should be, what lies beneath is not a human face; rather a white mask. A helicopter flashes from the sky and the police come jogging towards them: A has set the girls up.

All the parents of the teens, except from Em’s and Spencer’s mum, are huddled together talking about what they need to do to get their daughters out of this mess. The group stop when they see Ezra talking to a police officer and Aria’s mum goes to talk to him. Ella, still under the presumption that Spencer is Ezra’s lover, warns him that if their relationship continues then the whole town will find out about them. Ezra states that he loves her, but Ella says that she will give him one chance to leave and end the relationship, and if he doesn’t Spencer’s parents will ruin him. Understandably Ezra is left speechless and confused.

Spencer’s mum is in the room with the girls and explains that Detective Wilden’s suspension has ended and now he has been made Chief Officer for this case because he has evidence to prove his thoughts on the girls involvement in Allison’s case.

It was Jenna who came to see Gavin earlier as he brings her into a private room to talk. It seems as though it is the two of them who have set the girls up when Garrett says they, “couldn’t have come up with a better plan” and he can’t wait to give up his job in the police department. We also discover that it was the couple who sent that note to Jason the night after Ali’s death and Garrett is not threatened by Jason.

Detective Wilden strides into the room where the girls are confided and tells them that the object that Allison was killed by indented her skull and they have know all along what the object was. He then whips out the murder weapon: the shovel that the girls were caught with.

Garrett gives Jenna a note and tells her to burn it. Even though Garrett doesn’t answer here question when she asks if the note is page 5, it is presumed so as he says they now have nothing to link them to that night. Jenna gives the most vile and deadly suspicious quote of the epsiode: “She (Allison) deserved to die like that.” Although it’s not a total confession, it must have been them who killed Ali.

Like always the final clip can only be of the mysterious A. The black gloved wearer goes into a restaurant where Dr. Sullivan is waiting, looking perfectly alive, and she tells he/she “I’ve done everything you asked.” A then hands her over an envelope and she leaves, not before giving A an evil glare. After all the challenges set for the girls, it was A who was lying the whole time! The only thing we’re left knowing about A is that he/she has “pretty eyes”, stated by a waitress who comes over and pours A a drink of tea.

My thought:

A great way to end the show until it returns for an episode later on in the year. Pretty Little Liars is just like Lost but for the teenage audience: some questions are answered, but far more are coming into place. We now know that Garrett and Jenna must have killed Ali, but if that is the case: who is A? With the women at the end saying “pretty eyes”, does that mean A’s not Jenna as she is blind? Or can she see again? If it isn’t Jenna then who else hates these girls so much that they would make them take the blame for killing Ali? If the shovel is the murder weapon, then why was Spencer’s hockey stick buried? What was in the envelope A gave to Dr. Sullivan? Was it Garrett who was covered up in that room where the records were kept?

What did you think of the revelations in this episode? Who do you think A is? What do you think is going on with Jason?

No spoilers please!

We’ll next see our Pretty Little Liars on October, 19 on ABC Family for their Halloween special.

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