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The Secret Circle Recap: Bound

The premiere introduced us to the main characters. Now, the second episode is all about uncontrollable action!

Straight away we realise that two members of the yet bound circle have done justice to the shows title by secretly hooking up. We see Melissa with Nick, the only other male in the group of outcasts, at his house and they are both getting dressed, although they both don’t want anyone else to know about their intimate relationship. Cassie is in for a shock when she discovers the strength of her powers. Noticing that Nick is spying on her once again with his top off, she tries to make her curtains close, but instead she ends up closing Nick’s open window and inevitably smashes it to pieces.

Faye is determined to stop the six teenagers from joining together so that she can keep her strong, individual powers and won’t be overruled by Diana. Cassie wants to stay clear from her fellow witches and wizards and when Faye drags her away from the Class President, Sally, Cassie bluntly tells Faye that she does not want anything to do with her. It’s more than certain that Diana’s dad, Charles, and Faye’s mum, Dawn, are up to something bad. Real bad. Faye’s grandfather, Henry, unexpectedly arrives in town for “business” and the untrustworthy adults are worried that he could be back because he is suspicious of them.

One thing we learn from Kevin Williamson’s new show (the same creator of ‘The Vampire Diaries’) is that you should never skip a chemistry class. Cassie choses to sit on her own in the science classroom, but trying to stay clear from the group doesn’t last long when Faye does some “experimenting” of their own, making Cassie’s experiment boil, without the use of a Bunsen burner and the rage growing inside of Cassie due to Faye’s magic trick causes Mellissa’s and Faye’s jar to explode into flames. Unsurprisingly Cassie runs out of the class, Adam hastily following her, and she admits too him that she wants rid of her powers. Adam confesses that it is not possible to do so, but he can help her.

Inside the dangerously creepy house Adam basically admits that for Cassie and the other six to limit their power the circle needs to be bound, this would allow them to control their power and the group will become stronger. We find out more fascinating details on the alleged death of some of their parents. The six couples, who all had newborn children, were out partying on a boat when it caught on fire and most of the parents died. Diana believes that this was because the group had not bound their circle, therefore: there was a power overload.

At The Boathouse Bar and Grill, Adam’s dad, Ethan, and Henry are talking about Charles’ revived power (Ethan had called Henry the night before and that it why he is in town.) We discover that the last circle had been stripped of their power and somehow Charles has found a way around this.

Adam is able to prove his point to Cassie that the circle needs to be formed. Working together they are able to combine their energy to turn on a light bulb. However, when Cassie tries it by herself, at first she can bring no light to the bulb, but with some sexual tension with Adam, she makes the light bulb explode. Despite this, Cassie stubbornly won’t accept the truth that they need to bind the circle or else someone will end up getting hurt and rushes out of the house.

At the town fair, Cassie is trying to drift even more from the group by helping Sally at one of the stalls. While doing her job she finds the time to talk to Ethan at The Boathouse Bar and Grill about his suggestions that their families are aligned. He acts as though it is some silly astrological myth until admitting that when he was with her mother, Amelia, there was some unconditional connection, clearly similar to that of Cassie and Adam.

Henry spies on his granddaughter while she and Melissa play a fairground game, using their magic they are able to throw hoops onto poles, exceedingly fast and without even looking, quite impossible for the average human. Henry realises that they have the gift and confesses to Dawn that he is going to stop them from binding the circle. No doubt up to her devious tricks, Dawn says that she too wants to help in whatever way she can. When Dawn talks to Charles it is unveiled that he is able to use magic by the use of a white crystal. However, once he’s used up all the energy in the crystal, he will once again have no power. Dawn takes the crystal off him so he does not drain its power.

Faye comes over to Diana while she watches Cassie and Adam talking as the sun melts into the sea, and says her priority should be on not losing Adam to the new girl in town, not focusing on combining the circle. Melissa’s self-esteem is disintegrating by the minute as Faye and Nick dance together. Faye teases with Cassie to revive a storm and she will stop it, Cassie refuses and Faye’s anger increases with the arrival of Sally. Wanting Sally to leave the two witches alone, Faye ends up pushing her, and this tragically causes Sally to break through a barrier and fall onto the rocky sea shore. Faye has killed Sally!

Although Dawn comes to the rescue, secretly placing the white diamond onto Sally’s face, causing her to finally gasp for air. This suggests that Dawn might be nice, saving an innocent teenager’s life so Faye won’t have to carry the guilt for the rest of her life. She asks Charles if he would do the same for Diana, but he doesn’t answer. Evil or what? Faye is devastated by what has happened and this incident ultimately convinces her that the circle needs to be joined. Cassie too agrees as she does not anyone else to get hurt. They decide to meet up at midnight on the beach to create the circle.

Knowing that Dawn has power, Henry confronts her about the use of a crystal. It turns out that it was him that took away their power in the first place. With the threat of him wanting to take the crystal from Dawn and to stop the teenagers from binding the circle, Faye’s mum uses the power of the crystal to kill her late husband’s father. Harsh.

Diana admits to Adam that she is quite clueless about what will happen when the circle is officially formed and that she feels insecure with the way Adam and Cassie are becoming exceedingly close. He reassuringly tells her that he loves her and she has nothing to worry about. At the beach the spell is cast and with an eruption of fire the secret circle is bound.

What did you think of the second episode? Will you continue watching The Secret Circle?

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