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The Secret Circle Recap: Loner

Now the circle has officially been formed, it’s time to discover the consequences of what is set to come.

Not good, if we’re looking from Faye’s point of view. When trying to open up her locker with magic she discovers that she has lost her own individual power and now only when the group are together they can perform to a stronger and more controlled ability. Cassie confesses to Diana that even though they are now magically bound she doesn’t want to be her friend as she doesn’t like the “secrets” that the circle have made and lying to Sally about what happened the night before.

Nick and Melissa have both cut school for intimacy. Melissa asks if her secret lover would go with her to the school dance, clearly trying to make their relationship more official, but he declines and admits that if she thinks that they are going to end up properly dating then their get together sessions are over.

Sally seems up and at them, despite dying the night before, with the only detection of injury is her arm wrapped in a sling. Cassie is clearly paranoid that Sally is going to uncover the truth and this is only emphasised when Sally gives her a brooding scare and teases that she know her little secret. Luckily she is just being the Class President swot and the devastating secret is that Cassie has not joined any extracurricular activities so see agrees to help decorate the school dance. Sally confesses how she thinks it was Faye who done the deadly deed as she keep having flashbacks of the witch staring at her before she ended up on the rocks. One of Adam’s friends, Luke, is interested in Cassie and even though he is unsure of introducing Luke to Cassie at first (because he obviously doesn’t want anyone stealing the heart of the girl he can’t really have) he finally agrees to Luke’s plea. Luke makes his move on Cassie and asks her to the dance to which she declines. But, she changes her mind and accepts Luke’s proposal to prove that nothing is going on between her and Adam.

Charles makes an appearance at the Principal’s Office and we hear that he has planted Henry’s body at the lake house. Dawn is upset that she had to go to such extreme measures, killing Faye’s grandfather (one think is clear: she does love her daughter), but Charles doesn’t show any hint of emotion, explaining that it had to be done, c’est la vie. They realise that their daughter’s circle has been bound and now they have to work instantly on their plans, before other people catch on.

Cassie meets one of her mother’s old “friends” Zachary, who knew that she had been a witch. The fisherman keeps digging at Cassie to answer his personal questions and even grabs onto her wrist and won’t let go. Diana notices, however, and comes to Cassie’s rescue and together they are able to use their combined magic to push him away. The estranged man shouts that he will not let it happen again, presuming the boat party fire, and similar to Henry, he’ll probably stop at nothing to make sure the group don’t cause trouble.

Despite not wanting to meet with Diana, after the arrival of Zachary, the idea of Cassie staying uninvolved has been thrown out of the window so the two go to the abandoned house. Everyone else has been called there too for an “emergency” meeting, i.e. Cassie’s recent attack. Although Nick does not show up and both Faye and Melissa leave because they are angry that Diana didn’t tell them that binding the circle would mean the end of their individual powers.

We get our first father and daughter moment when Charles pries into what happened between Cassie and Zachary and explains to Diana that the fisherman used to be involved with criminal activity so they should stay away from him. Diana questions her dad on why he is with Dawn a lot and he confesses they might be hooking up. Now he has created the perfect excuse to visit Dawn on their secret mission whenever he likes!

Cassie searches through her mom’s old yearbook and finds a photo of Zachary with her mom, Amelia, and another girl named Heather, so he wasn’t lying when he claimed they were high school friends! Cassie invites Diana over and she asks what did happen on the boat fire incident, to which Diana replies that she believes it was witchcraft covered up. They want to know the truth about the tragedy and it sees Zachary is the answer.

Charles tells Dawn that Zachary is back and had confronted Cassie. He reassures her that they have nothing to worry about because he wasn’t there the night of the fire, but Dawn understands that he and Amelia were friends so they could have told each other everything. Charles admits he is going to talk to him and he wants the crystal, but Dawn refuses to give it to him in case he tries to kill the fisherman (clearly her conscience is starting to play up.) Before they leave, they have the awkward talk about how they need to pretend to be seeing each other.

Faye is trying to light a flame with magic by herself at the abandoned house. It is not going very successfully when Zachary suddenly appears and asks if the circle has been bound. Since she’s on her own it means that if she can’t perform magic then this illustrates that the circle has been bound and because she ends up running away instead of using magic against Zachary, he easily receives his answer.

At the dance Cassie admits to Luke that she was a loner at her old school and isn’t used to having a social life. Nick shows up to the dance for Melissa’s sake (how cute), but he still won’t dance or give any indication that the two are together. Cassie tries to stay clear of Adam but Sally forces them to dance together. They discuss how even though their powerful connection has gone, e.g. being able to burst a street lamps light, there is still a fire burning between them and that is why Cassie doesn’t want to become Diana’s friend in case they hook up and Diana is hurt. Nick and Melissa are at a staircase outside the dance hall and the love struck witch wants them to go and dance, but Nick is having none of it. He doesn’t understand why she likes him so much, even though he acts terrible to her and asks if she “likes being dumped on.” Poor Melissa! She is about to make a grand departure when Faye enters bringing the shocking news that some guy (Zachary) knows about them and their circle.

The group realise that they need to find out more about the fisherman and his connection to their families. Luckily Faye has stolen her mom’s keys to the school so they are able to access the school records. Luke appears and since they obviously can’t tell him that their actually all witches who are now wanted by God only knows who; Cassie is sent packing back to the dance while everyone else goes on a trail to find out who Zachary is.

We really are starting to piece more information on the boat fire case when Charles confronts Zachary. The fisherman admits to Charles that his daughter and her friends are witches. The father laughs and says that he is just spewing out rumours, but Zachary fearlessly confesses that he knows what Charles is as Amelia told him. We realise that the closer Amelia became with Charles and the group of witches, the further she pushed him and Heather away. It seems Heather has died, maybe at the boat fire, as supposedly she never gave up on Amelia and so maybe she had attended the party. Zachary continues that with the arrival of Cassie everything is turning into déjà vu. When Charles calls him paranoid Zachary realises that he must know about his daughter being a witch and he is letting everything unfold for his own selfish sake. Charles threatens that if Zachary makes anymore unreasonable accusations then he will be punished, e.g. he will be the next Henry. Zachary attacks Charles. Go Zach! But as Charles lies defencelessly on the ground it’s clear that problems are brewing for our six witches when we’re told that the only way of stopping another tragedy from taking place is by killing a member of the circle.

Adam and Diana hack into Dawn’s computer at the school and find out that Zachary started to get suspended for fighting and skipping school with his girlfriend, Heather! A newspaper article shows that Heather died at the boat fire and now Zackary is taking out what happened to his girlfriend and the rest of the teenagers who died on the next generation of witches. Faye and Melissa have a heart to heart, which demonstrates that Faye actually does have a heart! She wonders if Melissa came to the dance with Nick and if something bad has happened between them. Melissa confesses that he hates her, but Faye comforts her and says that he hates himself, not Melissa, and he suffers from issues because he lost both of his parents in the fire, instead of the one.

Luke and Cassie’s dance date doesn’t go so well when Cassie is detectibly uninterested in being with Luke so he leaves. Faye finds Nick and warns him that he needs to be nicer to Melissa because she really likes him. Cassie is walking down an eerily quiet corridor when Zachary hunts his pray (he sure does have a thing for turning up around lonely vulnerable girls!) Inside the school Charles warns Dawn that Zachary is after their teenagers so they hope to protect the children and catch Zachary.

Now the group know that Heather’s lover is after them, they search for the sixth member of their circle, before Zachary finds her first. They hear Cassie scream and since they are all together, it means they can use combined magic to save her. Zachary is lying over Cassie and has his knife at her head. The girls dramatically make the lights flash and cause the lockers to fly open; releasing hundreds of paper. They tell him that it wasn’t Cassie’s fault that Heather died, to which he replies that Heather didn’t die but Amelia had done something worse to her! Adam makes the final move, levitating Zachary off Cassie until he reaches the celling and forcing him to plummet to the ground. He’s still breathing so at least the group haven’t killed someone! Dawn appears and the group make up some fetish lie about how some guy has ended up unconscious. Dawn investigates him and says that he is a drug addict who has been vandalising the school (honestly, how much longer can these lies last?)The group leave and Dawn calls Charles.

Faye has been talking to her mum and tells Adam, Cassie and Diana that Zachary has been taken to the police station, but the case is going to be kept quite (so has there been another murder?) Cassie thanks the group for saving her life and it seems she’s truly ready to accept them as her friends. Nick and Melissa walk out of the school and he asks if she wants a lift back to his house. Quite rightfully she doesn’t want that kind of relationship anymore, but what he means is for them to hang out, a.k.a as boyfriend and girlfriend (he even goes as far to put his arm around her!) Sally is taking down posters in the corridors when she comes across the unchanged scene of lockers opened and papers covering the ground, but there is no evidence of police intrusion.

Diana takes Cassie back home to make sure that no one else tries to kill her and they act as though they have always been friends, until the subject of Adam inevitably crops up. Diana is extremely worried that her boyfriend likes Cassie much more than in a friend way, but Cassie reassures her, similar to Adam telling Diana in the end of last week’s episode that nothing was going on, and the upset witch admits she loves her boyfriend dearly. Cassie explains that she would never drive the two of them apart. Will she be able to keep that promise?

It’s clear that no police were informed of the “drug addict” at the school. Dawn and Charles open a car boot to unveil Zachary alive and gagged. Dawn has the crystal and slices the palm of her hand and rubs the blood on Zachary’s forehead. She warns him that he is now marked, meaning she will be able to detect wherever he travels and if he goes near the witches again then she will turn his life into a harsher hell than even Heather had to suffer.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode? What do you think happened to Heather? Will Adam ditch Diana for Cassie?

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