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Terra Nova Recap: What Remains

A scientist chases a green beetle like insect out of his laboratory at Outpost 3 into the wild jungle. Confused and overwhelmed by what he sees he falls into the hands of a waiting dinosaur.

Jim is angry that Malcolm has been given his own rover, and he believes since he is the only police guy in Terra, he deserves one too. Boys and their toys! Liz is going with Taylor to check out Outpost 3 as their calls to the laboratory have not been responded. She asks Jim to pick up her wedding ring which she has left in her laboratory. Commander Nathaniel, Liz and a soldier named Brady find two scientists strapped to tables and Liz discovers a more relaxed woman who believes she is in Detroit in a snow storm. They watch a video left by the scientist we saw previous reporting that he is starting to suffer from the same symptoms as those trapped in the room, including memory loss. It seems pathogens are the cause of this. Liz is informed that she needs to decrypt and finish the scientist’s theory on the pathogens before they return back to camp. It’s safe to say that our scientist friend has been killed when Brady find his boots, with his feet still in them! Outpost 3 is in quarantine so there is no risk in exposing the spread of disease to the rest of camp.

Jim receives the wedding ring from the hospital and Maddy and Zoe appear. Zoe has been sent home due to a cold and Jim is left to care for her, heroically saying he is immune to the traitorous common cold. However, when chatting to Liz via a video messenger he has gained the cold and tells Liz that he received it from Zoe. Liz ends their video chat and when she picks up a test bottle she questions out loud, “Zoe. Who’s Zoe?” Cue dramatic music!

Love is in the air for the two teenaged siblings. Josh is with Skye and her friends at their house and is playing his guitar that Skye technically bought for him. The rebellious pair are getting on like a house on fire. Maddy is having a house date with Reynolds. Although it doesn’t go to well with the soldier gets shot by Maddy’s constant fact rambling and he brings an end to their quick date. Seeing his daughter deflated, Jim confesses that he has been on worse dates, a la, his first date with Liz and even though he was so nervous about their date and he was a total wreak, look how that eventually turned out!

The next day Jim finds out that Outpost 3 is under quarantine and Terra Nova is having problems communicating with the lab. Jim asks Malcolm if he can borrow his truck. Malcolm won’t allow it until he hears that Liz is in trouble. Jim wants to go alone, but since it is a medical problem Malcolm is able to persuade Jim to let him tag along, it is his transportation after all!

Josh and Skye share their first kiss on a hammock! Although, Josh cuts it short, feeling guilty about Cara. Skye confesses that she may know someone who can help Josh bring Cara to Terra Nova. Wearing masks, Malcolm and Jim find Liz in the lab, when Jim removes his mask to show his identity, she doesn’t recognise him, however, when Malcolm unveils himself she runs up to him as if they were lovers.

Unsurprisingly Jim is pretty peeved off. Malcolm tries to inform Jim that Liz has lost the last twenty years of her memory and believes that she is in university at which time her and Malcolm had just started dating. Malcolm thinks that with his ex-girlfriends help they will be able to cure the memory loss, but they need to bring the Doc back up to scratch. Malcolm thinks it will be better if they don’t mention that Jim is her husband and that they have three kids, rather that she is a trained doctor.

Skye introduces Josh to bartender Tom who is good at mysteriously bringing things to Terra Nova. Realising that Josh is Jim’s son, Tom agrees to help, but he will have to work for a while at the bar in return. Malcolm is not doing well in explaining to Liz that she is 85 million years in the past and suffering from amnesia, well it’s fair to say, who would believe something as outlandish as that? So Jim shows Liz the diary log that her disease free-self had made earlier, where she explains about the recent virus. This brings the Doc around and she is prepared to work quickly so that she won’t reach sever memory loss and before Malcolm and Jim start being affected.

Jim goes outside to scare off the dinosaurs chewing at the cables as they are attracted to the nickel inside. He finds the main source where all the cables are connected and discovers Brady lying on the floor unconscious. Commander Nathaniel appears, thinking he is at war in Somalia, 2138 and that this is all some operation against him. He is enraged and wants to know where they have taken his wife and son. He warns that if he doesn’t find his family then he will come back and murder everyone.

Liz discovers that it is not a pathogen that is causing the memory loss, rather someone in the lab who has been experimenting with gene therapy. Malcolm tries it on with Liz, but Jim comes to the rescue and Malcolm uses memory lose as an excuse. Jim explains that Nathaniel is heading to Terra Nova believing he will find his family there and they need to stop him as he will infect everyone in camp!

Reynolds shows up at Maddy’s door to see if she is ok with both of her parents lost in action. She vents to her crush that Sixer’s could be the cause of this, but Reynolds confesses that this is not Sixer’s doing, although he can’t say anything as he is sworn to secrecy. Malcolm and Jim are dragging Brady to safety when Malcolm mind goes completely. A dinosaur appears, but Jim is able to take control of the situation with ease: attracting the dino away from Blake by the cables and punching Malcolm into oblivion to stop his deranged questions. Liz appears and Jim urges her to continue with the cure without Malcolm’s help. They need to find out who has done the experiment and what they were trying to achieve, so Liz can undo it. Hacking into the computer, Jim finds out that it was Dr. Douglas Jocelyn who had a gene for Gorman’s disease, similar to Alzheimer’s, and he was trying to cure it. Liz realises that his experiment for a cure backfired on him, affecting his and the other scientists memory.

Liz finds notes that she had wrote to herself before her memory loss of some very important people in her life, her family. She realises that Jim is her husband and he whips out her wedding ring. However, it is brought back into question how Jim has not suffered at all when he sneezes and starts eating the food product Malcolm had given him earlier for his cold. Can this prevent memory loss?

Maddy storms to Washington’s office, with her soldier boy, to find out what has happened to her parents. With no reply from Maddy’s endless knocking, they break into the room and Washington shouts at Reynolds to take Maddy out of her office, but it’s too late: Commander Nathaniel stands behind Reynolds with a knife to his throat! Washington tries to explain to Taylor that Reynolds is one of his own men and that they won the war ten years ago and that Terra Nova is his home. Nathaniel wants to see his wife, but Washington explains that she is dead and that they will try and help him remember. Obviously, not realising that she wants to help him uncover the past ten years of his life, not to relive the death of his wife, Nathaniel takes his knife to his own throat but Washington shoots him down.

Liz realises that it is Jim’s cold which is making him immune to the virus and what is the best way to for Jim to reverse the Doc’s memory loss? By cheekily kissing her! They return back to camp and Liz is able to cure everyone, happy days!

We see Tom doing a trading with the Sixer’s out in the jungle. Mira is still after the ammo that she wanted in the pilot episode, but Tom isn’t able to bring her weapons, they would be far too risky. Tom asks Maria when she next gets in touch with 2149 to help him get Josh’s girlfriend through. Tom is shown to be even more of a bad ass when he admits to Mira that Josh is Jim’s son and so she is going to be able to use the situation to her advantage.

What is Mara planning to do? Was it 2149 who sent the Sixer’s through? Will Cara get to Terra Nova?

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Danielle Shields is an English and Journalism undergrad at Stirling University, Scotland. Her obsession with everything to do with pop culture means that it is her ambition to become an arts and culture journalist. In an ideal world her days would be spent on trips to Cannes, trips to Hays and trips to Glastonbury. Until then she remains content by nesting at her home in Cineworld, losing herself in the library and being utterly squished at the SECC.


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