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The Secret Circle Recap: Heather


Cassie is on a mission to find out what happened to Heather Barnes, e.g. one of her mums best, none witch, friends, but will she discover what she is looking for?

‘The Secret Circle’ has a thing for throwing us straight into Nick and Melissa’s hot steamy relationship. Once again they miss the start of school to cure their hormones. Faye is still fuming about how she is unable to make her own magic and takes it out on the happily helplessly in love Melissa. The witch tells her friend that Nick is worthless and that their relationship won’t last. Unsurprisingly, Melissa takes this personally and Faye is left with next to no friends to vent her anger at.

Does Diana want to lose her boyfriend? Probably not, since we were informed in the last episode that she loves him, however, she is basically placing him on a plate into Cassie’s hands. Is this some friendship test? Probably not, it seems that Diana thinks she can trust Cassie and Adam alone together. Is this going to end well? Probably not. Cassie tracks down the whereabouts of Heather’s brother, Wade, and asks Diana to go with her, although she has other commitments so she instead offers up Adam to go with her. Adam says that Finn Creek is a “sketchy area” and he does not want Cassie to go on her own, so agrees to join her.

The two go to what’s left of an old fishing village and talk to Heather’s brother. They enter inside the house and see Heather in an almost paralyzed state slouching on a chair. Wade confesses that she has not been able to move in a staggering sixteen years! Don’t speak too soon though; the minute Cassie gets up close to her, Heather pounces like a cat, grabbing Cassie’s arm and repeatedly shouts the witches name. Adam saves Cassie and the two make a quick escape, not before noticing strange markings on Heather’s arm. The scar could be a sign of a spell and Cassie is more than certain this was her mother’s doing. They arrive back at Cassie’s house and she shows Adam her family’s Book of Shadows. Every book is related to that specific family of witches and thus: have their own spells and Cassie finds the one similar to what has happened to Heather and it has been wrote in her mums handwriting. Even Adam now thinks it was Amelia’s work. Cassie is keen to undo the spell so it’s clear the two witches will be spending even more time together to make it possible.

At The Boathouse Bar and Grill Faye apologies to Melissa, just before stabbing her right in the back by making the witch look towards Nick chatting with some girl outside the restaurant. However, it does seem that Faye does care about Melissa deeply and she just doesn’t want her to get hurt by ladies’ man, Nick. He arrives and Melissa, being manipulated by Faye, worries that he will cheat on her and quits on their relationship. Adam explains to Cassie that a potion is needed to break the spell and the last ingredient required is the spell maker’s blood, e.g. Cassie. Adam nips her thumb with a needle just when Diana waltzes in. To be fair, the two haven’t done anything to be ashamed of, but that all could change. Diana is a right spoil sport and doesn’t want to help with undoing the spell, believing it to be too ‘risky’ and doesn’t want Adam helping Cassie either, thus: without the witches help she won’t be able to do the spell. Faye arrives at the house and agrees to help Cassie, under one condition: she is allowed to read Cassie’s book.

Watching from a far the two girls see Wade leave the house and troop in afterwards. Heather has not moved position since Cassie last visited and she rubs the potion onto her scar. They enchant the spell twice, but still Heather doesn’t move and they escape through the window when Wade arrives back home. We see the potion move beneath Heather’s skin up her arm and she awakes. Instead of greeting her brother with open arms, which he does deserve after looking after her for sixteen years; he receives a forceful shove. Heather’s not a cheerful chap then.

Nick is surprised to see Melissa in his room after what she said. She returns to apologise and says that she shouldn’t be jealous when he is not even her boyfriend, honestly, why don’t they just say they’re going out? Silly witches! Dianna has been looking through her own Book of Shadows and confesses to Adam that Heather had been possessed through dark magic (that explains her disturbing awakening.) Daemons use snakes and relatable creatures powered with dark energy and are force them into someone’s body to possess them. Faye is enjoying herself reading Cassie’s book when the door goes and Cassie goes to find out who it is, but the door is mysteriously open (Heather alert!) Walking back into the hallway, Heather makes her appearance and begs Cassie to find Amelia. Cassie explains that Amelia had passed away and that she is her daughter. Heather says that she tried to help Amelia take Cassie away the night of the boat incident and she wanted to protect everyone. Disturbingly, however, she admits that evil went inside her and Amelia had helped to stop it when creating that scar, but now it is back, most likely because Cassie and Faye have just reversed the spell! Heather drops to the floor, screaming, and then faints.

Adam is trying to get a hold of Cassie on the phone to tell her about the dark magic in Heather. Since she is downstairs, Faye answers Cassie’s mobile and wastes valuable time teasing him. Sixteen years ago the witches had been summoned by the demons and they couldn’t get away. They tried to use their magic, but it was too late, Heather was possessed. Heather is finding it hard to stay herself and the next second we see the potion shoot beneath her skin into her brain, the daemon has taken over and attacks Cassie, leaving her unconscious.

Faye finally takes the phone down to Cassie when she sees her friend lying on the floor. Heather appears and Faye makes a dash for her escape, unable to use magic, she really has no choice but to try and get away through Cassie’s window. Unluckily, she is unable to open it: luckily Nick and Melissa are in Nick’s room (are they ever out of it?) and they see Faye struggling. Cassie has come around and hears Faye’s screaking screams and is able to pull the possessed Heather off of Faye and they run downstairs. Heather guards the door and all the lights go off. Hiding under a table the only thing they can do is run towards the door as Heather has now disappeared. Opening the door, Melissa and Nick are on the other side (it was obviously going to happen, but still quite funny nonetheless) and Cassie is attacked from behind. Seeing all the four witches, Heather darts out of the front door and Wade randomly appears in his car, he tries to grab her attention while she is running on the road, but when she stops she is hit by a van. Is that the end of Heather?

Heather’s body is taken away by the police. The circle is together and Melissa is grateful for Faye’s safety, although she gains a cold reply. It’s clear that Faye is losing her best friend when Melissa chooses to go back to Nick’s house, rather than receive a ride from Faye. Cassie feels extremely stupid for trying to undo the spell when she doesn’t know much about the supernatural world and its consequences. Diana tells her that they all want answers and no wonder she wanted to find out the truth about the boat incident.

Back at Nick’s, the boy witch spells it out to Melissa that he will never be the boyfriend she wants him to be and that she deserves better. Melissa believes it is the “sweetest” thing he has ever said to her. She tries to make him understand that she is not disappointed in him (the guy does lack serious confidence issues about what he is capable of.) Adam shows up on Cassie’s door to help her “clean up.” He believes that she done the right thing, maybe not going the right way about it, however, trying to find out about what happened all them years ago. The fact that Zachary had tried to kill them and that a daemon had been involved makes it there purpose to find out the truth, although Cassie is worried that this is not what Diana wants, but Adam and Cassie agree that they have no choice but to find out or they risk their own safety. At least Cassie can sleep safely knowing her mum was trying to do good for Heather and not wickedly paralyzing her. Nick and Melissa are sleeping when we see a snake like creature enter through Melissa’s ear!

Is Melissa going to end up the next Heather? Will the circle suffer the same fate of their parents? Will they ever get any stable answers?

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