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The Secret Circle Recap: Slither

You'll be in shock after this weeks episode of 'The Secret Circle'!

The most shocking episode of the season! Another morning at Nick’s household and Melissa is resisting getting up for school. She complains of a throbbing headache, but what she doesn’t understand is that she actually has a snake controlled demon lurking under her skin! Cassie’s feels her grandmother, Jane, is becoming suspicious of her hanging out with the children of her mums old friends and witches. Cassie believes it would be good for an adult to know the truth about them, but Diana informs her that this would end badly. If her grandmother was to tell Diana’s dad for instance, they might try and take their powers off them, just like how their parents got stripped of their magic after the boat incident.

Charles seems upset when talking to Dawn in her office about how their children have been introduced to danger, a la Heather’s awakening, at such an early stage in their circle being bound. They do not know how Heather was able to awake, but their scared she told their children something. Since it is a red moon that night it means they are able to perform a spell they have been waiting a whole year to do. Faye fumes when Diana tells her the fantastic news that their parents are dating.

Melissa suffers from severe mood swings as she parades throughout the school. Alone at her locker she falls to the ground in agonizing pain and Nick rushes to help her. In an instant, her aura changes, the demon has  fully possessed her, and she lies to Nick that she’s discovered that her families Book of Dark Shadows is buried in the forest. She wants Nick to help her dig it up so secretly they can practice spells together. Nick agrees, content that he will be able to spend more time with the girl he’s beginning to fall in love with.

Nick has dug a huge hole in the forest with no such luck of an appearing book. Melissa casually watches him and acts like a right bitch, commanding him to hurry up and get on with it. Eventually, Nick comes across a large suitcase and the pair bring it back to the abandoned house. Cassie is having dinner with her grandma who tells her not to keep things to herself. Luckily Cassie is saved from this interrogation by an S.O.S text from Melissa. Faye has also received the text and arrives at the house. Melissa explains that they need to undo a spell cast by her mum to open the case. Understandably Nick is furious at Melissa for bringing Faye into the equation after she promised to only use the book with him. When Melissa admits that Nick was used basically as a dog to dig up the case and she actually wants to share the book with Faye, you can almost feel the daggers punch into Nick’s heart.

Charles and Dawn have a romantic boat date, none the wiser of a demon infecting their teenagers!

Dawn has arrived at the boat with Charles and they are prepared to create magic. However, the setting is extremely romantic and it’s clear that Charles does want to date his business partner (if you can call her that.) Although, Dawn states that to get the crystals back they have to be serious and not have an intimate relationship.

Cassie arrives at the abandoned house, now enraging Faye, and the possessed Melissa confesses that six witches are needed to open the case. Diana and Adam have not been answering Melissa’s constant texts (because they are getting very, very intimate with squirty cream and everything!) and you can tell this is driving the teenager insane. Nick and Faye witness an almost punch like movement come from within the case and when Melissa turns to her three fellow witches to say that nothing at all moved, they see the snake like creature race around on her forehead. Cassie gets in contact with Diana and Adam and when they appear Nick hits Melissa over the head. The witches tie the demon up so she can’t attack them. Melissa wakes up and tries to lure Nick into untying her. The male looks deeply in her eyes, almost fooled by the demon, but he retreats. Melissa acts psychotically on the couch and Cassie realizes that they need someone who knows what is going on to help them. Cue Jane!

The group have to figure out a way to free Melissa from the demons grip.

Dawn and Charles repeatedly enchant their spell with the diamond they’ve been using to do magic as the centre prop. They want to be the owners of six new crystals, however, the spell doesn’t work and they end up losing all the magic from the only crystal they have. Dawn blames it on Charles for using the crystals power too much and storms off.

Cassie dramatically confesses to her grandma that she knows everything about her family and that she is, in fact, a witch: a witch in bother who truly needs her grandma’s help! The group gets distracted by a hiss coming from the suitcase and with no eyes on Melissa, the teenager springs up and attacks Nick. She strangles him against a wall and pulls out scissors, threatening to cut Nick’s throat if the others don’t follow her commands. Nick tries to get Melissa to hear him and fight back against the demon, but it is no use and she does start to slice his throat, making it bleed. Faye begins a chant to make the scissors turn boiling hot, however, this doesn’t break Melissa’s eagerness and she forces Faye to create an ash like circle around the suitcase and the group repeats a spell. The suitcase buckles unwind and the lock brakes free.

Jane displays her powerful witchy skills and saves the day!

Before the contents can be released, Jane comes to the rescue and proves how much of a badass she is by closing the suitcase back up again on her own accord. She also makes the scissors fly from Melissa’s fingertips and Nick is able to escape. Melissa thinks she can take on the powerful granny, however, Jane has an ace up her sleeve and holds a white crystal up to Melissa’s face and the demons confidence is shattered. With Melissa in an unconscious state on the ground, it gives the group time to break the circle of ash and Jane commands them to burn three candles clockwise around the suitcase. The witches hold Melissa back as Jane pours water onto the top of her head and then moves a lighted stick up and down her body to get rid of the demon. A change in the tone of her voice shows that Melissa is back to normal and now someone else has been possessed. Jane holds the crystal up to every Witch in turn: Cassie, Adam, Diana, Faye, until she reaches Nick who, when being exposed to the crystal, jumps across to the suitcase to open it, but Jane is one step ahead and levitates a heavy object on top of the bag and Nick bolts off.

As the group secures the suitcase, Jane explains that in the bag are demons disguised as snakes. The only way to stop these demons is by either drowning or burning them, and not wanting to take the risk: they do both; throwing the suitcase into a bath and setting it on fire. Nick is running aimlessly through the forest and falls to the ground, similarly screaming like Melissa before she was possessed. His psychotic smirk when he glides back up tells us one thing: goodbye Nick, hello demon!

Adam receives a call from Nick, instructing him to bring the suitcase to The Boathouse Bar and Grill or he’ll burn the place down, with his dad still in it. Nick talks to Dawn at The Boathouse, introducing himself as the person that she once tried to summon and now he’s here to take the circle and have Dawn as his new host. Dawn leads the way out of the Boathouse so they can talk in private somewhere else, secretly phoning Charles so he knows Dawn is in trouble. The demon explains that, just like Dawn, he is too after the circles power, but we don’t get the chance to hear any more info because Charles arrives and punches him to oblivion! Dawn explains that he wants the children so they’re going to have to drown the demon. That’s right folks: they have to kill Nick!

Cassie, Diana, Adam and Jane arrive at The Boathouse and go their separate ways to find Nick. Charles drags Nick into the water and the demon clearly doesn’t want to die, causing much commotion to break free, which Jane and Cassie notice. Eventually, Charles is able to drown the demon and he brings Nick’s body out of the river. Dawn and Charles make a quick escape when Jane and Cassie race down to see a dead Nick lying on the ground.

Faye comforts the awoken Melissa and fills her in on what her possessed self has been up to and admits she’s glad she is ok. Faye receives a phone call, bringing the news of her friend’s death.

Charles is distraught that he had to kill Nick. Dawn tries to reassure him, admitting that it had to be done to kill the demon. However, his guilt cannot be cured as he knows nothing good comes out of killing someone so young. Technically that is wrong as at least Dawn is now being nice to him!

Adam and Diana mourn Nick's death.

Adam and Diana are alone in The Boathouse and he informs her that the police think Nick’s death was an accident, Adam believes he drowned himself to get the demon out of him. Diana thinks this is the perfect time to bring up her fears of Adam leaving her for Cassie again, saying that she couldn’t bare it if Adam left. Cassie and Jane have a heart to heart about the circle and her grandma confesses that she wants no more secrets between them. Cassie asks her why her mom ran away and what happened the night of the fire, but Jane also doesn’t know the answer. Does anyone?

Will they bring Nick back to life? Without him does that mean there is no more circle? No more magic?

Next week’s episode sees the arrival of Nick’s older brother, Jake. Now, what will he do to stir up trouble in the witches  camp?

Newbie, Jake, brings fresh problems to our talented bunch of witches!

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