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The Secret Circle Recap: Wake

It’s still shocking that Nick has been killed off, and don’t suspect he’ll be resurrected in this episode because instead we have someone new in town and his intentions are not to benefit the circle.

In the middle of the night, Cassie wakes up to see a fire in Nick’s backyard with some strange guy gazing over it. Her grandmother, Jane, explains that this would have been Nick’s older brother, Jake, who skipped town two years ago as, let’s just say, he was very troubled. Jane explains that the circle is yet to be broken, even without one of its members, as binding the circle also joins the members’ bloodlines, so Jake could replace Nick. Cassie is told that her family’s heritage of witches is one of the most strongest and longest in the circle so she needs to be the leader and protect her fellow witches.

Charles is deeply depressed that he had to kill Nick and comforts Diana who is upset that he was taken at such a young age. Cassie reveals to Adam and Diana that Jake is in town. Adam doesn’t take this news too lightly, explaining that his father gave Jake a job when no one else would, however, he ended up stealing all the money from the boathouse which could have resulted in the bars collapse.  Jake enters and says to Adam that they should move on from everything that happened in the past. Faye looks relieved when Jake leaves and it turns out the two had previously dated, and he had broken her heart.

Faye wants to get back at her old flame.

Jane tells Dawn that the circle is bound and that Nick was killed by a demon. Already knowing this and much more, and only caring about herself, Dawn asks if Jane is going to tell the elders and get their powers stripped off. However, Jane explains that they need their magic to protect themselves.

No one else is on board in bringing Jake into the circle, even though Cassie pleads that it is the only way to strengthen their magic. They’re disrupted though by a fire starting outside, however, they are able to put it out. The burn marking looks like a crescent moon and it’s clear someone was trying to burn the abandoned house intentionally. Cassie goes to visit her grandma working at the hospital and asks about the crescent moon. Jane explains it is a symbol meaning conquest and that it is burned on witches’ territory to mark them. Cassie confesses that she saw Jake burning a fire outside Nick’s house last night, so Jane tells her to not let him know about the circle.

Faye’s all dolled up and goes to see Jake to start something with him. But the two don’t get on very well. She asks him if he started the fire, he acts oblivious and wants to know what happened, however, she struts off. Dawn informs Charles that Jane believes they are allies and it will be good having Jane on their side because she might have a crystal which they can use to power theirs which could lead them to the other crystals so they can have their powers back. However, Charles seems distant as he is still distraught about Nick, but he still will fight for their magic.

Cassie arrives home to finds some women in her house who tries to kill her, but Jake hears her screaming and comes rushing in. The women slices Cassie’s arm with a knife, however, Jake and Cassie together chant a spell, making the women flee. Jake explains that he found his Book of Shadows before he left so he knew he was a witch, but he doesn’t want to be a part of their circle. We also discover that he was putting a fire out of Nick’s house last night, not beginning one.  

Adam can't stand Jake becomming close to Cassie.

Adam and Diana arrive at Cassie’s the next day to see her talking to Jake outside. Cassie explains what happened and that the woman’s knife had a crescent moon on it so it must have been her who caused the fires. Adam is angry that Jake did not have the courtesy to admit that he knew he was a witch and he storms back to his truck. Diana follows him and states he is acting like a “jealous boyfriend”, which is particular since Cassie is not his girlfriend.

Melissa is grieving in Nick’s bedroom while the rest of the group have a discussion at the abandoned house. Cassie explains that they can’t let Jake leave because he could make them more powerful against the women who has marked them. Diana’s also on her side, but Adam and Faye aren’t. Jane gives Cassie her crystal so she can protect herself, but warns her not to tell anyone about it because it can bring out the dark side in people.

Jake visits a creepy house and we find out that he does know Cassie’s attacker, calling her Simone, and she in return knows Jake. Their intense discussion suggests that Simone is not a witch, but another species and Jake is enraged that she followed him to Chance Harbor. He takes a bottle of Cassie’s blood that Simone had collected.

At Nick’s wake, Adam’s dad, Ethan, finds it an appropriate time to get drunk. He confesses to Adam that the town can’t stop taking teenagers lives and at the wake twenty years ago Amelia didn’t go because of someone called Blackwall. Adam is as clueless as us on that name. Jake and Adam end up having a barmy and when Cassie takes Jake away, Charles stops him to say he is sorry for Nick’s death. He even accidently calls Jake, “Nick.” Is it bad to feel sorry for the man who killed Nick?

Cassie admits to Jake that her mother left Chance Harbor too, but even though she tried to run away she believes she never found peace. Even though she never knew Jake before, Cassie thinks people should give him a chance as he seems to have redeemed himself. While Cassie heads indoors we see Simone secretly watching Jake.

Diana hears the news she has been dreading.

Diana really doesn’t have any luck, no matter how hard she tries. She takes coffee down to Ethan who tells her that Adam is lucky to have her, however, fate has chosen Cassie and Adam to be together, much like him and Amelia as it’s all “written in the stars.” He tells him that she’ll be free when she let him go.

Faye is standing on a wooden fence, drunk and wanting to jump. Melissa forces her down and is ashamed that she is only thinking of herself when this wake is meant for Nick. Faye confesses that Nick really did love her. Although, Melissa can tell Faye is jealous of this because she wishes it was her and Jake, she surprisingly laughs and thanks Faye. Adam is still stubborn when talking to Cassie, as he admits he wishes he was wrong about Jake but he is positive that there is something fishy going on. Cassie explains that he needs to stop doing this to Diana as she is her best friend, but he explains he can’t stop the way he feels. Cassie catches Jake with Simone and follows them outside.

It turns out that Jake is here to kill Cassie! Simone is enraged because it seems he was “closer to kissing her than killing her.” As Jake storms away, Simone brings out her knife, however, Cassie uses her crystal to force it out of her hand and Jake grabs hold of the knife and kills Simone.

Jake tells Cassie that Simone was a witch and she was scavenging for power, and in turn, Cassie lies to Jake saying she has no idea what caused the knife to leave Simone’s hand. Cassie pleads with him to stay in Chance Harbor and to be a part of the circle and he agrees.

Finally this episode shows the demolition of Diana and Adam’s relationship with Diana breaking it off. She surprisingly appears on Cassie’s doorstep, admitting that Adam was her best friend and so she has nowhere else to go.

It turns out that Adam’s suspicions were right because we see Jake meet up with a man who asks him why he killed a fellow witch hunter. Jake explains that he was following protocol as he needed Cassie to believe him. His boss thinks out loud that maybe he shouldn’t have sent a witch to hunt down witches, especially since he is connected to their bloodline. However, sadly Jake admits that he is here to avenge his family and that means abolishing all the witches in Chance Harbor!

Jake may be a pretty face, but he’s definitely not one to be trusted!

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