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Terra Nova Recap: Bylaw

Forget dinos suited up in zombie gear, this week’s episode is all about Detective Jim Holmes uncovering the first ever murder mystery in Terra Nova.

Ken Foster, one of Terra’s soldiers, is killed gruesomely by a vicious Nycoraptor at a Communications Relay Station. However, this is not the usual doings of a dino as when Jim investigates the crime scene he discovers claw marks indented into the door, suggesting the Nycoraptor had been trapped in the station, waiting to pounce his way out. Wanting to uncover more, Jim asks Liz to examine Foster’s body and her findings show that strangely the soldier had the blood of a Gallusaur, the Nycorparator’s favorite pray, on him. Jim puts two and two together, figuring that someone used the Gallusaur blood as bait to lure the Nycoraptor to the station and kill Foster. Now the big question: whodunit?

On a lighter note, Malcolm is joyful having discovered an Ankylosaurus egg at Foster’s crime scene. Zoe falls in love with the gigantic egg and pleads with Liz to make it hatch. Malcolm and Liz are greatly surprised to see that the creature inside is still alive when the egg starts to shake. However, Malcolm confesses to Liz that the baby Ankylosaurus has not yet hatched because it is suffering from a defect with one of its legs being joined to its neck. Is this the end of the baby dino? Liz is determined to keep it alive to preserve her daughters happiness so, using Terra Nova’s medical equipment, she is able to mend the creature to allow it to hatch.

Back to more exciting matters, Jim and Washington are paired up to track down the first killer in ‘Terra Nova.’ At Boylan’s Bar, one of Foster’s favorite locations Reynolds’s informs the two that his late pal was in a relationship with a mysterious lady and he kept pictures of her on his tag. Unfortunately the team discovers that this tag is now lying in the previously mentioned Ankylosaurus’ stomach. Tracking down the dino, they bring back the tag and Washington realizes the secret woman is Rebecca Milner. They question Milner at her house and she denies having an affair with Foster, but her husband, Howard, enters and admits she was intimate with Foster and he killed him.

Taylor has a very difficult decision to make: he can either imprison Howard, or he could banish him out into the jungle. He decides on the latter option and Howard is given a Terra Nova send off, with a gun being his only companion. Jim twigs that something is odd however, and pounces on Howard in the jungle. He explains his new theory to Howard that Rebecca is the true murderer and he took the blame to protect his wife. Howard is secretly returned to Terra Nova and Rebecca brings the news that she did not kill Foster; in fact he broke up with her a few weeks ago. Illegally gambling at Boylan’s Bar was a more exciting past time than hooking up with Rebecca. Jim and Washington look up Foster’s financial records which turn up the surprising news that someone owed Foster a lot of cash.  

Boylan is arrested and he admits supervising illegal card games and taking some of the profit, but he exclaims he didn’t kill Foster. Jim is angry to see Josh working at the bar and forces him to quit for keeping it a secret. A search is made at the bar to find financial records that Boylan keeps of the card games, however, they cannot find them, but worse news strikes by Boylan making an escape!

Curran, a soldier, tags along with Taylor and Jim as they try to track down the missing Boylan. But Terra’s Sherlock and Watson do have an ace up their sleeve when it becomes apparent that Boylan is actually cooperating with the team and he is safely in Terra Nova. It is Curran who is in trouble!

Curran owed Foster a lot of money and went Taylor beats him up and finds he is hiding Boylan’s financial records, it ultimately proves that he is the real killer! Taylor and Jim command Curran to stay out of Terra Nova and he isn’t even given a gun for defense in the jungle.

Jim lets Josh go back to his work, but reminds him that the Shannon’s don’t keep secrets. Josh and Skye follow Boylan’s directions to meet with Mira. The leader of the Sixer’s informs Josh that she will aid bringing Kara to Terra Nova, on one condition: he complies with a favor she will ask for in the future. Not thinking of the consequences, Josh agrees.

We leave with a new addition to the Shannon family. Zoe is ecstatic to see the hatching of the baby Ankylosaurus and pleads to keep it as a pet. Jim and Liz agree that she can keep it… for now.

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