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The Secret Circle Recap: Beneath

Romance is in the air at the lakehouse, but not everything is going smoothly for one of our witches…

Wise grandma Jane has been lost in action ever since she went to visit Henry at the lakehouse. Cassie confesses to the group, minus Melissa, that she believes it was herself who caused Luke to light up like a sparkler because she used individual magic. Furthermore, she unveils the sheets left by Calvin which could answer why she is able to unlock greater power. Unsurprisingly, Jake is extremely intrigued by these notes left by the witch he killed in last week’s episode, although, Cassie doesn’t let him get to close to them as there are more important matters to attend to, a la: Jane’s abduction.

Before leaving on a group mission to Henry’s, Jake has a secret meet up with his boss, Isaac. The head-hunter believes Cassie is becoming a fatal distraction to Jake’s pending mission, however, lover boy knocks this down in flames; he’s all for killing the witch! Faye tells her mum, Dawn, that they’re all going to Henry’s and the evil parent has a nervy fit, Henry being dead and all. The minute Faye is out the door Dawn is on the phone to Charles, who has Jane unconscious in the backseat of his car, where he explains he moved Henry’s body so there is nothing to worry about.

Cassie and Jake’s relationship is steamy in the car ride, Jake might even be a sensitive guy, but nevertheless he is determined to find out more about Cassie’s ancestors. There’s no living soul at Henry’s and Cassie receives a text from ‘Jane’ saying she’s fine and will be back tomorrow. Since a storm is in full swing outside the group decide to stay the night. Faye has a terrible time with hearing the voice of a young child, seeing the vanishing of muddy footprints and wellies and her bath tub filling to the brim with seaweed. Is Faye going mad?

Oh, what a pretty crystal you have there Charles!

Charles smugly shows Dawn the crystal he collected from Henry, which they can add to their growing collection of one. They decide to wipe Jane’s memory so they head to their children’s abandoned house to uncover Diana’s Book of Shadows. Sensing Charles is still sensitive after Nick’s death, Dawn tries to take the crystal off him, but he refuses and proceeds to erase the elder’s memory.

Jake and Cassie share a steamy spell to start a fire, which is even saucier than Adam and Cassie’s one-on-one spell connecting. More relaxed after her seaweed affair, Faye returns to her usual bitchself by starting a game of truth or dare. The game goes as follows: Faye dares Diana to take off her top, which she does, and Faye confesses that she’s only slept with two guys, meaning her stereotyped slut persona has been eradicated. Tension erupts between Adam and Jake when Adam questions why Jake wasn’t locked up in the shed for the killing ceremony like the rest of them. The game finally turns to Cassie who is dared by Diana to kiss Jake, she does it without hesitation. This doesn’t go down to well with Faye who accuses her of being a boyfriend stealer and goes rushing outside to drive home, but she is distracted by the young girl…

Truth or dare results in Cassie kissing Jake!

Cassie finds an old photo of Faye when she was a youngster and she shares a quick smooch with Jake, before being him pushing her away. Adam storms after Diana when she goes out to get more firewood and after a flaming argument the two become very, very intimate. It turns out Faye isn’t a mad women as Cassie also sees the yellow coated girl outside. Cassie follows the girl, but she finishes, and Cassie bumps into Faye. Shockingly, Faye explains that the little girls is her! She remembers wearing that outfit on the day she almost drowned but Henry saved her. Faye believes her younger self is here for a reason.

The girl in the yellow coat haunts Faye!

Faye tries to throw herself into the water, believing her kidself is down there, however the emerging group are able to pull her back. Cassie spots the six year old Faye at the bottom of the pier. Reaching the end of the pier, Cassie knows exactly what to do and places her hands into the water, using individual magic she manages to make a body float the surface: it is Henry!

The next day Dawn goes to the lakehouse to comfort her daughter and the rest of the group return to Chance Harbor. Diana confesses to Adam that she still can’t face being with him again. Cassie arrives home to see Jane alive and well making pancakes and she breaks the news that Henry is dead. Jane admits that she never stepped foot into his house, but, Cassie already discovered Jane’s scarf lying in Henry’s house…

Will the witches start to uncover Charles and Dawn’s plan? Or, is Jane going to be stitched up for murder?

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Photo Credits: The CW

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