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Terra Nova Recap: VS

It’s the anniversary of the day Commander Nathaniel first jumped through the portal, but could our hero be hiding a deep dark secret?

Nathaniel believes Boylan could be the Sixer’s inside man so he interrogates him, with no such luck. Josh is worried about Boylan, explaining to Jim that even though he does business with Mira and co, he is not working for them. Jim agrees to go and check up on Boylan.

Jim arrives to find Boylan out of his mind, Taylor has drugged his food. He deliriously tells Jim, thinking it is Taylor, that he will tell the truth about what is buried at the Pilgrim tree which will ultimately end Taylor’s reign. Suspicious, Jim goes to find out more about this tree and Malcolm points out it was the tree Taylor slept in when he first arrived in Terra Nova and the Doc gives him directions. Jim finds a skeleton buried by the Pilgrim tree and secretly Liz inspects it detecting he has been buried for four to six years. He is missing a right arm and a hole in his ribcage suggests a bullet wound. Could Taylor have killed this man?

The children are rehearsing their tribute play, unsurprisingly Zoe has been chosen to play Nathaniel, when a soldier swats at a pesky dragonfly. However, this is not an average dragonfly as it has a micro-chip attached to it. Malcolm inspects it to find out it has been the communication device between the inside man and the Sixer’s. It seems the dragonfly is attracted to a sonic signal transmitted from the Sixer’s, thus, if they let the dragonfly go it should lead them straight to the inside man.

While Boylan was in the interrogation room, convoys had been sent out to check on Outposts but were ambushed by the Sixer’s, scoring off Boylan as the inside man.

More test results from Liz shows that the dead male had not come through during any of the pilgrimages, rather sometime between the second and the third, which should be impossible…

Boylan is freed, but he is still forced into a confrontation with Jim at his bar. Boylan admits he helped Taylor bury the body and that it was Taylor’s son, Lucas, who brought the unidentified male to Terra Nova.

Malcolm is in for a right shock when he discovers Liz is hiding a five year old skeleton in his lab. Liz is unable to provide him with answers so he has no choice but to inform Taylor. At the lab, Jim saves Boylan’s back by lying that it was a note on his door which led him to the body. Taylor looks even more suspicious when he admits it must have been Sixer’s doing.

Following the dragonfly, Taylor and co end up at the Shannon’s household! There’s no way Jim can be the inside man! While watching Zoe portray Commander Nathaniel, Jim and Liz noticed that Taylor’s boss, General Philbrook, only had one arm like the skeleton! Jim and Liz sneak away for a private chat where Jim explains he believes Taylor killed Philbrook because he was relieving Taylor of his Command! Just then Taylor comes and arrests Jim, claiming he is the Sixer spy!

Jim is brought to the same place as Boylan where Taylor confesses he set Jim up but will let him walk a free man if he stops trying to discover the truth about the dead body. Jim doesn’t agree and demands his boss some answers…

Taylor admits that the people who sent Philbrook are those responsible for sending the Sixer’s and they want Taylor dead. Lucas was working for them back in 2149 and all they care about is using Terra Nova as a money making scheme. Taylor’s son’s job was to make the portal open both ways so they could bring resources back to 2149. Taylor discovered what his son was up to and destroyed all of his work. Two days later, Taylor followed Lucas into the woods where Philbrook came through a portal. Taylor refused to step down and had no choice but to kill Philbrook. He was also forced to confront Lucas, but he couldn’t kill his son and instead banished him from Terra Nova. Taylor had to take these actions in order to protect the new world and save humanity. Taylor releases Jim when he admits he will side with Taylor when the war comes. Jim arrives back with his family and enjoys the rest of the party.

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