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Terra Nova Recap: Within

The arrival of the 11th pilgrimage is just around the corner so Jim has to discover who the Sixer Spy is before Lucas solves his equation.

Jim is questioning all the women who had access to the hospital and when it becomes Skye’s turn, instead of lying that she was home alone, she insists that Josh was at her house and they were playing chess. Skye pleads with Josh to lie for her, claiming that she was stealing copper tubing at the time of the infirmary break in, and Josh agrees to help her out. The betrayer sneaks under the gate and rushes to the Sixer camp, giving them information in exchange to keep her mother, Deborah, alive. She bumps into Lucas who arrogantly exclaims he is close to making the portal open both ways, but he needs Skye’s help to make the process speed up. He hands her over a tiny chip and tells her to plug it into the Eye, which will complete his work for him. If she fails to do this task then it means her mom will be killed!

The Sixer Spy retreats to the colony and plugs the chip into the Eye where everything runs smoothly. Sky is also crossed of the suspect list when Josh confirms Skye’s alibi when his dad questions him. Skye returns the chip to its owner and Lucas is thrilled to claim that he will be able to open the portal in just a few days.

Jim is shocked when he witnesses footage from a security camera showing Skye scrape under the gate. What motives would an innocent teenager have for escaping from the camp in such a devious way? Trust is one thing Jim has high expectations of in the Shannon family meaning he is extremely mad at Josh for lying and covering for Skye.

Commander Nathaniel has been a father figure for Skye since her own dad died so Taylor does not take the news lightly when she is revealed as the Sixer Spy. Nevertheless, Taylor has a strategy and subtly tells Skye that a convoy is being sent out later, expecting her to inform this intel to Mira. However, as the convey stays in the same spot for over two hours and the only predators around are some dino’s, it becomes apparent that Skye didn’t tell her Sixer pals. Jim realizes that Skye is only informing the Sixer’s information that will not hurt the people of ‘Terra Nova’. He believes Skye is being forced to work for the Sixer’s because they have something over her.

Skye makes one last visit to the Sixer’s where Lucas has finished the equation to reverse the portal. Lucas’ ambition in life seems to win the war between him and his father and he confesses to Skye that his hatred for Taylor all started in August 2138. He warns her not to return back to camp as his employers will be coming from the future soon and they will do everything to get rid of Taylor and destroy ‘Terra Nova’. Grief stricken Skye confesses to her mother that she has been acting as a spy so the Sixer’s would give her medication and now Lucas has solved his equation and it is all her fault. Deborah urges her daughter to run back to camp and tell Taylor everything she knows. Skye does as she’s told and bumps into an enraged Jim and Taylor admitting that she had to feed the Sixer’s intel for Deborah’s survival. She also explains that Lucas is ready to open the portal. Taylor is not convinced, this could be another lie constructed by the Sixer’s. However, Skye mentions August 2138, which does the trick and Jim and Taylor race to the portal as quickly as they can, but they are unsuccessful in stopping Lucas. Taylor’s son walks backwards through the portal exclaiming that when he returns, he won’t be coming alone.

Skye is unsettled back at camp, worried about her mother. A nurse arrives and tells her to make her way to the infirmary where it turns out her mom is a patient on the road to recovery. Curran, the soldier Taylor banished from camp, but then made him his ‘Terra Nova’ spy, has rescued Deborah on Taylor’s orders, meaning he is now welcomed by the Commander back into camp. Liz will test a sample of Deborah’s drug so they can discover the chemicals contained and make replicate medicine.

Taylor shares with Jim that it was the death of his wife, Lucas’ mother, which sparked the family feud and now it’s time for war!

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