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The Secret Circle Recap: Darkness

The Secret Circle returned to our screens with a bang and in this week’s episode Cassie learns that there are perks to having a dark side. Here are the top five events you need to know from this week’s winter premiere including trust issues, a hot Grandma and badass dark magic!

Cassie’s Secret is Out!

It’s now official: the entire Circle knows that Cassie possesses dark magic (due to Diana’s Sherlock skills). Cassie tells anxious Adam about the dark power held within her. He agrees not to tell anyone else in the Circle about it until she is ready. Diana catches Adam looking up dark magic at the abandoned house. She puts two and two together, realising that it is not Adam with the curse, but Cassie. Sadly the witch in question partly overhears the twos discussion. Enraged at Adam for telling her secret, her dark magic makes Adam’s throat clog up, just like a dream she had in the opening of the episode where Jake was the victim of Cassie’s individual magic. She is eventually able to control her powers and there is no other choice but to tell the others.

Diana’s Grandma Comes to Town!

A lot of the old witches are extremely suspicious about the mysterious events taking place at Chance Harbor, Grandma Kate being no exception. Supposedly she has come to the village to aid Diana after her break-up with Adam. Diana pleasingly admits that her dad, Charles, and Faye’s mom, Dawn, are dating. Kate admits that her son always did have a crush on Dawn in high school. Kate visits Dawn at the school and warns her to stop whatever she is playing at between the death of Henry and Jane’s memory loss.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Witches reunite for a very awkward dinner party!

A very awkward dinner unfolds when Dawn turns up at dinner time at the Meade household. Charles and Dawn met up earlier to discuss Kate’s threat and it’s clear Dawn want’s Kate dead (she seems to enjoy killing the elderly), but Charles will not allow the blood of his own mother on his hands. Charles is certain that Dawn has shown up to try and kill Kate and when the elderly witch is about to drink a glass of fine wine that Dawn had brought over, Charles snatches it from her hands and pours the glass and the entire contents of the wine bottle down the sink. Dawn is bemused and admits to Charles she was keeping a watchful eye over Kate, not trying to poison her!

Faye’s New Boyfriend Alert!

Well not exactly… more like boyfriend material. The feisty witch is like a dog with a bone: 100% determined in gaining her own individual magic back. You would think after two months of no screening time Kev Williamson would decide to make Melissa a bit more chirpier or even smile every so often, but nope she is still moping around after Nick’s death. Faye sneakily ripped out a page from Cassie’s Book of Shadows and believes a spell on it will help her to unlock her individual powers. She persuades the grieving Melissa to come with her to meet Lee LeBeque, who she discovered (by the help of the internet) works with voodoo magic and might help her do the spell. Arriving at his house they are surprisingly welcomed by a hot young guy, who takes them to where all the magic happens, a la: the family garage. Melissa watches on suspiciously as hot Lee performs the ritual, slightly undressing Faye and painting a blood stained star on her chest. He tells her that the next day she should have powers. Sadly hot Lee is a deceiving one as Faye does not receive a revival of power the next day (that’s one thing to learn from this episode: don’t trust everything you read on the web). She storms back to his garage and overturns the place. Hot Lee confronts her, admitting he knows she is a real witch and can help her gain back her real powers.

Darkness Does Have A Silver Lining!

Cassie stayed overnight at Diana’s house while Jane was out of town and in the middle of the night the young witch bumped into Kate and instantly the old witch could tell Cassie possesses dark magic.  Kate tells her that there is spell which can get rid of it and so they decide to meet in the morning to clear Cassie of her darkness. Diana tells Cassie that she can trust her Grandma and so Kate and Cassie head to the woods to perform the spell. However, Diana sees something strange in her Grandma’s suitcase and realises it is mandrake, a plant the witch hunters use to kill witches! Meanwhile, Kate performs the spell, cutting Cassie’s hand and making her touch the centre of a target looking design on a piece of cloth. Cassie willingly opens the wooden crate underneath the cloth revealing a branch from a tree which Kate snaps, making Cassie fall unconscious. The witch wakes up in the wooden casket and Kate reveals the only way to get rid of dark magic is death. However, Cassie willingly uses her dark magic to break free from her entrapment, saving her life!

Kate makes one last visit to Charles before she hurriedly departs Chance Harbor. He discovers that his own mum tried to kill Cassie, but she admits it was all a test to see if she could “tip the balance of good and evil” and it turns out: she is the witch they have all been waiting for! Charles says he will tell the Elders of what she has attempted to do, but Kate confesses she knows he is involved with the death of Henry and Jane’s mental issues. Kate tells her son that he has a good heart but he needs to be brave and start making his own choices.

Cassie admits to Diana that accessing her bad side was good; she enjoyed the feeling of power. Diana asks Cassie how powerful she is, but we don’t get to hear the answer as the camera instead whirls outside to show Jake lurking in the trees watching Cassie.

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