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The Secret Circle Recap: Witness

The witches delved back in time to discover what really happened on the boat sixteen years ago. Here are the top five events you need to know from this week’s ‘Secret Circle’ including: magic drugs, alive dead people and no Melissa!

Jake Has Returned For A Reason!

The deceiving Jake has returned to Chance Harbor to discover the truth. He admits that the council of witch hunters murdered John Blackwell to destroy his dark power and now they are planning to kill Cassie. Jake explains that when he was a child he witnessed the events of the boat incident, but he has blocked out the memories from that fateful day. He wants Cassie to access his mind and bring back his forgotten memories.

Jake and Cassie Jump Into The Past!

The two arrive at the boat where it all took place and Cassie casts the spell. Cassie and Jake end up inside the memory (have they transported into Inception / Harry Potter?) and they see Jake’s parents. Luckily for them, his parents can’t see them. Jake’s mom and dad go into the ship, but Jake is unable to move any closer because pains inWitness his head keep erupting. Cassie is left to go it alone and Jake wakes up back on the boat. Cassie follows Jake’s parents and listens into their conversation. It turns out that the witches are on the boat to agree to a truce with the witch hunters to stop practising their magic. Adam’s dad, Ethan, is also on the boat (although he claims he wasn’t) and a member of the council kills Jake’s dad. Cassie rushes to another room on the ship and sees witch hunters crowded around a masked man. The man is John Blackwell! The witch hunter set fire to a circle around him, but Blackwell is able to calm the fire using a medallion necklace and blasts flames towards the witch hunters. A woman is somehow able to see Cassie and as the witch tries to escape from the fire, the door is shut and she is locked in.

Diana and Adam are enraged when they walk in on Jake alive and well, whilst Cassie is coughing up a storm. The witch believes that the smoke is real and she is really suffocating. The three Circle members are able to calm her down and Jake returns back into his memory in order to save Cassie. The teen witch watches as her father lets go of the medallion and waltz through a door. Jake comes to Cassie’s rescue and they both return back to the present. Cassie waits behind when the group leave the ship and recovers her father’s medallion from where he dropped it.

Dawn Teams Up With Ethan!

Charles and Dawn are not getting on too well after Dawn threatened to kill his mother. Dawn therefore uses Ethan as a pawn to retrieve Charles’ crystal, telling him that Charles tried to suffocate her by using magic. Ethan is able to gain the crystal from Charles, even though Charles persists that this is all Dawn’s doing and she will kiFaye and Leell him after he gives her the crystal. Dawn returns to Ethan and asks to see the crystal, but he says she will have to wait till tomorrow…

Faye’s Enchanted By The Devil’s Spirit!

Faye is with Lee in his voodoo garage when a customer of Lee’s, Callum, pops in demanding for the once drug dealer to give him some Devil’s Spirit. The drug is supposed to be magical, allowing you to access your supernatural abilities (perfect for the power craving Faye then). It is revealed that Lee’s ex-girlfriend, Eva, is in a comma after taking too much of the drug. Callum gives Faye a bit of his Devil’s Spirit and now we can only wonder if the witch will take it…

The Dead Were Never Dead At All!

Cassie has a not so unimaginable theory that her father is still alive. To prove this theory Jake and Cassie dig up John Blackwell’s grave. What’s inside of it? Animal bones! Blackwell is alive and no doubt planning a holiday to Chance Harbor…

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