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Remodeled Recap: A Latte to Learn

Model expert Paul Fisher (who has represented the likes of Naomi Campbell) is on a mission to reconstruct and connect the industry in what he calls ‘The Network’. Fisher hopes to join together small struggling model agencies and bring the next generation of models to the scene. The Remodeled premiere shows Fisher tackle an agency in Minneapolis where boss Brita Jackson has ‘a latte to learn.’ Meanwhile, Olga takes four aspiring models to New York Fashion Week to help them become the next big thing.

Fisher’s challenge:

Arquette and Associates have lost a shocking 16 models in 16 months to rival modelling agencies. This has caused a lack of productivity and a knock back in confidence. Fisher travels to Minneapolis where it seems the agency looks more like a dentist’s office (not the best way to impress aspiring models) than a modelling agency. Most of the employees are clueless about the modelling world in general. Fisher is shocked to learn that only six models are on an exclusive contract. An exclusive contract means that the model cannot be represented by another agency at the same time. Brita needs more models on exclusive contracts in order for her agency to remain.

Testing the agency:

Fisher brings in a model from the area and gives Brita and Brian, the Director of Male Models, the task of securing her with an exclusive agreement. Brita doesn’t do too well, telling the model that she loves how she looks, but she is basically getting too old, not what any model wants to hear! However, Brian turns out to be a dark horse. He is able to persuade the model to sign the exclusive contract. Fisher is impressed with Brian and tells Brita that she should make him a joint partner.

Make it or break it?

Brita does decide to make Brian a partner. Brian is shocked by this news but it is clear he will help make the business more successful. The whole agency is given a very edgy gorgeous makeover so it no longer looks like an empty dentist’s waiting room. Fisher leaves Arquette and Associates one more surprise: a group of models signed under an exclusive contract. This means Brita and Brian should have enough models to resume their business and not worry about the competition stealing their models.

Olga’s challenge:

Fisher has already arranged three models, Meghan, Mariana and Bobby, who he wants Olga to take to New York Fashion Week. However, Olga has another model, Annelise, who she believes could also be a success. Fisher is not convinced, but he trusts Olga as she is a very powerful agent so he allows Annelise to join the trio.

Casting takes place:

For two days the four models take part in casting appointments to see if they can gain a deal with a fashion company to be a model on the catwalk. Everything is going well for Fisher’s three models, however, Annelise is still not making any progress. JT, the Director of New Faces for The Network, is concerned by this and brings it up with Olga. He believes Annelise should leave the process. On the other hand, Olga insists that she should stay for a few more days. With contrasting opinions they call Fisher to give the final verdict.

Stay or go?

Fisher explains that he was worried about Annelise right from the start and they should send her home. Both Olga and JT tell Annelise the sad news and she is left devastated. The next episode will continue with the remaining three models trying to secure a position at New York Fashion Week.

My thoughts:

Remodeled is an entertaining, easy program to watch which gives a great insight into how the fashion industry operates. I like how the show was structured simply by flicking between Fisher and Olga’s missions. It seemed as though food had been switched with fashion and Paul Fisher was a slightly nicer (and balder) version of Gordon Ramsey. It was very similar to Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, where Gordon tries to improve a failing restaurant, much like how Fisher helps struggling agencies. Furthermore, it was like Hell’s Kitchen when individuals would give funny bitchy comments and of course the show even played the same music! There are obviously a lot of strong characters in the modelling industry and it will be interesting to see how they get on through the progress. For example, Joseph, Fisher’s personal assistant (or chauffeur), was quite hilarious with some of the things he came out with and I predict a few fights between Fisher and Olga.

What did you think of the Remodeled premiere? Do you believe ‘The Network’ is the way forward in the modelling industry?

About Danielle Shields

Danielle Shields is an English and Journalism undergrad at Stirling University, Scotland. Her obsession with everything to do with pop culture means that it is her ambition to become an arts and culture journalist. In an ideal world her days would be spent on trips to Cannes, trips to Hays and trips to Glastonbury. Until then she remains content by nesting at her home in Cineworld, losing herself in the library and being utterly squished at the SECC.


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