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The Secret Circle Recap: Medallion

Cassie is determined to activate her father’s medallion so she can protect the Circle from the witch hunters. Here are the top five events you need to know from this week’s ‘Secret Circle’ including: deceiving psychics, crystal stealers and Devil’s Spirit!

Cassie Receives a Warning:

The person that saw Cassie when she travelled through Jake’s memories is coincidently in Chance Harbor! The fragile woman, called Lucy Gibbons, arrives on Cassie’s doorstep. She explains that for the past sixteen years she has been reliving the events of the boat incident. Lucy is a psychic and she tells Cassie that every moment leaves its own imprint and since Cassie went back in time her memory of the boat fire has been altered. For sixteen years she has been hiding from the witch hunters and one of them recently found her. However, he didn’t come for her, but to ask about Cassie! The witches are coming for her!

Mysterious Medallion:

Cassie has forgotten the spell that her father cast to unlock the medallion. She hopes to find another way to access its power so she can protect the Circle from the witch hunters. The symbol on the medallion is the same as the one on the ceiling of Blackwell’s old basement. Cassie is able to slightly access its power there, but it makes the whole house shake. Jake is about to flee from the breaking building, but Cassie says she is unable to move so he tackles her to the ground, ending the trance. Adam catches the two together and he is angry because he doesn’t think this is the right way to protect the Circle. This delving into the dark side could harm everyone and he makes Cassie agree that the Circle’s magic should be enough protection.

Cassie is not ready to let go over her new medallion lead however, so she and Jake visit Lucy at her hotel. Lucy explains that for the Circle to be protected they need to join together and unlock the powers of the medallion. The pair return to Cassie’s house to collect the medallion. However, it has been stolen! There is only one person who knows where to find it…

Cheers to Adam:

Ethan and Diana have spent the day preparing a ‘surprise’ party for Adam. They both give cute toasts to the birthday boy: Ethan’s is short, whereas Diana being Diana gives a heartfelt speech about how Adam has always led her down the right path (Cassie should be taking notes). Once the speeches are over Cassie confronts Adam about the stolen medallion and he confesses that he took it. All Adam wants to do is help Cassie make the right choice. Nevertheless he gives it back to her and confesses that he has no right to make Cassie’s choices for her. However, he wants Cassie to realise that Jake doesn’t have the same motives as her. Cassie asks Jake if he has ever killed a witch. His silence is as good as a yes, meaning he is not as good as Cassie thought.

Faye and Melissa have been sharing the Devil’s Spirit that Callum gave to Faye. Instead of giving the witches real magic; it makes them as high as a kite. The wind blows away the rest of their stash so they have no choice but to make Callum come to the party to give them more Devil’s Spirit. Callum gives them what they have been after and he takes a shine to Melissa. He is going to stay for longer, but Jake comes and helps Faye get rid of him.

After the party Cassie tells the Circle about how Lucy can help them unlock the Medallion which will protect them from the witch hunters. The majority of the Circle agree to do the spell, so Adam has no choice but to go along with them.

Crystals are stolen, witches are stabbed:

Lucy looks scared to death when Dawn appears at her hotel room. Dawn knew that Lucy was in town because of a red scar that has appeared on her palm recently. She had marked the psychic years ago for betraying her and the red scar meant she was in Chance Harbor. It turns out that Lucy was meant to have protected Blackwell on that night sixteen years ago. Dawn explains that there is only one way for Lucy to redeem herself; tell her where the family crystals are.

At Adam’s party Charles is able to spike Ethan’s drink. Charles sneaks in on Ethan when he is asleep on a coach at The Boathouse Bar and Grill and he is successful in retrieving the crystal.

Lucy arrives at Dawn’s later that night. Dawn lets her in as she believes the psychic will give her the whereabouts of the crystals. However, Lucy stabs her! She is on the witch hunters side! She tells Dawn that after tonight the Circle will have no power…

Charles is unable to receive an answer from the door when he turns up at Dawn’s house. He looks through a window and sees Dawn lying on the ground with blood dripping from her stomach. He breaks in and uses the crystal to bring Dawn back to life.

The Awakening:

The Circle meets with Lucy in the woods and she guides them through various chants to unlock the power of the medallion. Cassie reveals that the medallion is getting warmer as the witches keep chanting spells. However, as the spells prolong Melissa explains that she is starting to feel ill like the night of the Fire/Ice dance. Cassie breaks the Circle. Lucy explains that the medallion was taking their magic! It is so powerful because it steals witches magic. Cassie remembers the words her father used to unlock the medallion and she sends fire blasting in Lucy’s direction. It seems as though Cassie is going to kill Lucy, but she instead tells Lucy to never come back to Chance Harbor again. She can now activate the medallion to protect the Circle.

Jake is devastated when Cassie tells him that they are not the same. He quickly finds a rebound and kisses Faye! Melissa meets up with Callum to gain more of the Devil’s Spirit. She explains that it helps her deal with Nick’s death. Will Melissa become addicted to the drug?

Lucy confesses to a head witch hunter that she was unable to retrieve the medallion. This means that Blackwell might come back to take the medallion and he could rise again. Lucy admits that Cassie was too strong. The head hunter says that he is going to have to meet the popular Cassie and he kills Lucy!

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