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Remodeled Recap: The Gummy Bear

Fisher is swallowed into purple hell in this week’s episode of Remodeled. The fashion expert has his work cut out for him when he meets a feisty owner of a modelling agency who represents an astounding 900 aspiring models. Meanwhile, Annelise is given one last chance to prove herself.

Fisher’s Challenge:

Paul brings Olga and Joseph to Orlando, Florida where they meet the fiery boss of Emerge Talent, Holly Caputo: “What sparked my interest about Holly, she was like a firecracker!” You’re in the wrong business Paul, you should be a comedian! There is a lot going wrong with the appearance of the agency: the sign outside is just a piece of paper, there are stains on the carpet and most of the walls are painted purple! Models walking into the agency will not want to be represented by them when they put no effort into their branding. Holly’s employees are stuffed into a tiny (purple) room with no air conditioning. The fashion expert is shocked to learn that the workers don’t know the difference between catalogue and advertising: they have “zero experience”.

Emerge Talent has been in business for five and a half years, but the falling economy has put a dent in their productivity. Holly represents a stagger 900 models and Paul wants her to bring this extortionate number down to 50. Fisher goes crazy with the comp cards on the wall. He rips them down and repeatedly shouts: “that is not a model”.  It is time for Paul and his team to meet Emerge’s models, before everything else gets out of hand.

Short Auditions:

One by one the models stride in, hope and excitement shining in their eyes, until Paul forces them out in about… ten seconds. With 25 years of experience under his belt, Paul is able to tell straight away who can and who can’t be a model. He explains that most new models who are starting out need to be 15-18 years old and the perfect height for woman is between 5’9” to 6ft and men should be 6ft to 6’2”. However, most of the aspiring models auditioning are either too old or too small and those who do fit the bill have a bad portfolio. Fisher tells one girl to smile; she reveals sparkling teeth attached to large gums. Paul wants Holly to own up to her mistakes and say that it was her fault that she didn’t make her smile when she first auditioned and for many other things going wrong with her business. Holy needs to understand that if she phones up a casting director in the future with the news that she has found a great new model, will they be excited to meet the girl (Paul gives us some groovy dancing to illustrate their excitement), or while they think: “she may have just had a brief meeting with the gummy bear”?

Fisher brings in the rest of Holly’s staff and gives them a mission: find a star in the next 24 hours. Holly is also told to take responsibility and become a leader to guide Emerge’s employees. When they leave the building Paul tells Olga and Joseph that Holly is just not getting it, they can’t spend a long time trying to help Holly get it. However, instead of letting Paul ramble on, Joseph interrupts and says that The Network is supposed to help people change. He really should have kept is mouth shut.

Cracking the Shell:

Early the next morning, the youth staff members go scouting for models at a school. They are able to find four models they believe will reach Paul’s requirements. Paul explains that they have not found a perfect model, but they are getting better at knowing what to look for. It is revealed however that Holly did not go with them; she didn’t even give them a strategy. This sends Paul over the edge, so he has a one on one meeting with Holly about whether they should continue with this process or not. Psychic Paul believes that Holly has had an experience which has changed her and has made her want to help people. It turns out that Holly was in a car that flipped over five times and she is lucky to be alive. Paul thinks that instead of doing little things for a lot of kids Holly should be doing something special for one kid.


The decorating of the agency begins. Paul tells Joseph that if he ever sees purple ever again he will fire that person responsible for it. Joseph asks if he is going to change his shirt. Paul is wearing a purple shirt! He is in purple hell!

The next day Paul is enraged because Joseph has not put up the improved comp cards onto the wall. He finally gets hold of him and he does it in two minutes. The agency is given a sheek black and white French vibe and Holy even gets her own office. Holly is also left with a group of aspiring models and even better: there is a really cute girl called Chanisty who could become a star model!

JT’s Challenge:

At The Network’s Headquarters Olga admits that she has booked castings with Sole Society and Silver Jeans for Annelise. JT still doesn’t get what Olga sees in Annelise and Joseph feels the same way, but he won’t say anything because: “Olga’s from the Bronx, she’ll kick your ass!” Fisher appoints JT instead of Olga to aid the aspiring model in her two auditions. JT believes that Annelise should get an extreme makeover as this might help her get more bookings. Annelise is not too happy about this so JT phones Olga about his idea and she is not having any of it. Annelise is all about her edge and a complete makeover would shatter her individuality.

Make It or Break It?

JT and Annelise head to the first casting for Sole Society. It goes well, however when the director asks Annelise to smile more, she doesn’t do it. The boss believes she can’t take direction and thus: Annelise fails to get booked. The aspiring model is disappointed, but there is still hope with Silver Jeans and their fall campaign. Things don’t go too well at first because she is unable to fit into a size 24, however she fits perfectly into the 25. Michelle makes a decision on the spot and books Annelise! Michelle was swayed by her edge and the gap in her teeth. Annelise’s has finally booked her first proper modelling job. Kudos goes to Olga for not giving up on her dark horse!

About Danielle Shields

Danielle Shields is an English and Journalism undergrad at Stirling University, Scotland. Her obsession with everything to do with pop culture means that it is her ambition to become an arts and culture journalist. In an ideal world her days would be spent on trips to Cannes, trips to Hays and trips to Glastonbury. Until then she remains content by nesting at her home in Cineworld, losing herself in the library and being utterly squished at the SECC.


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