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The Secret Circle Recap: Valentine

Faye hosts an anti-Valentine’s no-boys-allowed slumber party to celebrate the season of crushed love. Once again there is an alpha fight between Adam and Jake to win the heart of Cassie, who is being haunted by dead witches. Here are the top five events you need to know from this week’s ‘Secret Circle’, including: ghost witches, sleepover cliques and love fests.

Love is in the air (for some):

The episode begins with Faye waking up in Jake’s bed. She tells Jake that this is the last time they will ever be together, until they sprawl back onto the bed again. At school Cassie confesses to Diana that she felt her father’s energy when she was using the medallion in the basement last night. Faye arranges a girls sleepover with horror movies, pillow fights and no moping about ex-lovers, especially Adam. Diana is a bit down in the dumps as this will be the first Valentine’s in a few years that she has not spent with Adam. However, Diana seems to be the last thing on Adam’s mind as he asks Cassie out for dinner. The witch admits that she has other plans with the Valentine’s Day sleepover, and supposedly Adam has no idea that it’s the 14th of February as he says it’s: “so random”.Faye gets an exciting Valentine’s gift from Lee.

Voodoo Lee brings Faye a very special Valentine’s Day gift: a voodoo. Supposedly the creepy contraption is meant to suck out all of Faye’s weak magic if she rests it on her bed for the next few weeks.

Cassie sees the dead:

Isaac is back in Chance Harbor and once Jake pushes him around for a bit he lets him speak. The witch hunter wants Jake to give him the medallion so he can give it to the council meaning they won’t hurt him. Cassie activating the medallion has put her in great danger…

Once again Cassie parades down to the basement to try and contact her father by using the medallion, but a hooded figure, wearing the same outfit that Blackwell was wearing on the day of the boat incident, is there. She bolts up the stairs and luckily Adam is ‘randomly’ there. They both go back down, but the mysterious figure has vanished. Cassie explains that she wants to find out about her father for herself. There was a symbol on the robe so Adam actually wants Cassie to talk with Jake as he might know what it means. Jake explains that the symbol belongs to an old witch coven. What is strange is that they were all killed: Cassie is seeing dead witches!

A magic sleepover:

At the sleepover, Faye ends up falling on the voodoo and breaking it, while Melissa and Diana take some Devil’s Spirit. The three witches all join together to perform a spell that will make the pizza guy hot and Diana will kiss him. It goes horribly wrong however, as Diana ends up puckering her lips for Lee! Faye gives Lee her voodoo which he should be able to fix. Diana does get her wish when the pizza guy finally comes and Melissa has to drag her off him!

Jake meets with Isaac and he confesses that it was Blackwell who killed the coven in a church. He used the medallion to take their power. Cassie activating the medallion means that every witch whose power has been stolen from Blackwell can sense the medallions presence and they want their magic back.


At home, Cassie’s medallion ends up sliding across the table by itself. What Cassie doesn’t know is that two ghosts are standing outside. Cassie ignores this and heads to the sleepover. The witch puts a dampener on the mood when she tells the group that she is seeing dead ghosts. Faye finds a way to make things a bit more interesting though by bringing in a weegie board to contact the ghost. Cassie puts the medallion in the middle and after lots of stiff giggles ‘Sacred’ is spelt out. After these strange events, Cassie is not in the party mood so she decides to go to Adam’s. The minute Cassie is out of the door Jake turns up at Faye’s to warn Cassie that she is in danger. Melissa and Faye tell Jake that she is on her way to Adam’s. When Cassie is driving her car, the medallion around her neck begins to strangle her. The witch loses control of the car so it turns over and crashes. Luckily, she exits the upside-down vehicle without a scratch on her body and follows one of the dead ghosts.

Adam has arranged a cute Valentine’s dinner for a blond girl, however a blond male walks in on the surprise instead. Jake and Adam realise that something bad must have happened to Cassie so the two team up to find her.

They find Cassie’s car, but no Cassie inside. Jake explains that when witches die, some of their power stays where they were murdered and so the ghosts might lead her to the church where they have power. Right enough, Cassie ends up in a church where a group of ghosts surround her. Jake and Adam come to her rescue and Adam pulls out a knife. However, the ghosts possess him and put the blade to his wrist. They give Cassie an ultimatum: hand over the medallion or they will kill Adam. Cassie has no choice but to give them the medallion. However, when she is about to hand it over she holds the medallion in a fist and some of it breaks off. Adam is released from the ghost’s possession.

Valentine’s at its best:

Faye and Diana are arguing over Diana stealing Melissa away, when they realise that Melissa is not in the room. They find her lying on the floor; she has taken far too much Devil’s Spirit! Both girls reach out their hand for the fragile witch and she takes Diana’s instead of Faye’s. Diana decides to leave the sleepover, but Faye tells her to stay as it is clear Melissa needs her. The three witches end up having a more satisfying Valentine’s than they expected. Lee takes the voodoo to his ex-girlfriends bed and it seems that Faye was just a pawn in helping cure his ex…

Cassie and Adam have their dinner date after all. Cassie admits that she doesn’t want to know her father, after he has killed so many witches. However, she should have realised this sooner as it seems Blackwell is back in town!

What did you think of this week’s ‘Secret Circle’? Think Cassie has chosen the right guy? Will Blackwell be pure evil?

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